YOGA IS DEMONIC IN ORIGIN, it comes from the teachings of demons, and it stands vehemently opposed to the God of the Bible and to every Christians’ faith in the Person and work of Jesus Christ.

Yoga, even done as merely an “exercise”, has the power to produce occult phenomena dangerous enough to undo the human psyche.

Sadly, countless people, including many undiscerning Christians, believe that yoga can be done as exercise or as an integrative worship practice – as part of a “transformative process” of drawing “closer to the Divine”.

Nothing could be further from the truth. No matter how committed a Christian may be, pastor or lay person alike, when a believer chooses to involve himself or herself with the world of the occult, including any and all levels of yoga practice, for “exercise” or otherwise, very powerful spontaneous demonic manifestations can and do oftentimes occur.

IN ALL YOGA, these postures are offered to the 33 million Hindu gods. Yoga postures are offerings to the gods. If you do these postures and you do this breathing technique and this meditation, then you will be accepted by a god, little “g” That’s the real danger!!!! Yoga’s real goal is to awaken Kundalini power, coiled like a serpent at the base of the spine, ready to spring up to manifest itself through the alleged chakras, (centers of universal force) of the body.

DON’T BE DECEIVED! STAY WOKE! 🤞 #yoga #yogaissatanic #satanicworship #ungodly #biblicaltruth #truth #truthhurts #hinduism #yogahinduism #notgodly #demonic #yogapractice #dontdoyoga #staywoke #wakeup


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