Yoga exercises and their mechanisms🕸

🔻 Asanas.
Asanas, according to Patanjali, are “a position of the body that is comfortable and pleasant.” Some modern practitioners may read this definition as a mockery. Indeed, some yoga poses require a lot of dexterity, strength, stretching to perform and can hardly be called “comfortable and pleasant.”

🔻 Pranayama.
Human breathing is the only process that is controlled by both the human brain and his consciousness. Breathing is a bridge between the biological and spiritual nature of man. The type of breathing, features, depth, muscles involved in it are directly related to the state of human consciousness.

🔻 Bandhas.
Bandha in Sanskrit means “castle”, which characterizes the essence of their mechanism of influence. Bandhas block certain currents of energy and the associated movement of fluids within the body, therefore, bandhas are most often done when performing exercises that change corporal pressure.

🔻 Kriyas.
The word kriya is translated from Sanskrit as “movement”, therefore, recently this term has been called many dynamic yoga practices. However, in reality, kriyas are exercises that provide dynamic effects, in fact, massage, internal organs.

🔻 Mudras.
Usually, in the common sense, mudras are understood as specific hand positions. This view is largely generated by the Buddhist tradition, which actively used this type of mudras. However, strictly speaking, in classical yoga the category of “mudra” is much broader: there are body positions that also refer to mudras, for example, the already mentioned yoga mudra, shakticelani mudra and others, although such a minority. Mudras also include special eye positions.

🔻 Vibration techniques (mantras).
One of the oldest practices in the history of mankind is the repetition of mantras of certain sets of sounds that resonantly affect individual parts of the brain or body.

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