Why Start Smoking?

Ask any of the older generations why they started smoking and they will tell you that it was once considered glamorous, sexy, sophisticated and very much in vogue. No matter whom you were or what your social background, you were pretty much the odd ball out if you didn’t smoke. There was also the impression where lot of young lads thought a cigarette in hand made them look tough and appealing to the opposite sex. Heck, even doctors used to be seen smoking on TV commercials backed up with slogans like

‘8 out of 10 doctors prefer Camel’ (a brand of cigarette), and
‘More doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette’.

Dentists would also agree for their profession to be used in the promotion of certain cigarette brands. One that springs to mind is that of Neo-Pangea where the dentist goes on about how the cool smooth taste of a Neo-Pangea cigarette helps him and his patient to relax! Even the Flintstones had a TV commercial to promote Winston Cigarettes. Can you believe there was one Chesterfield cigarette TV commercial which actually claimed that recent tests had proved cigarettes were good for your health!

With so much promotion, glamorisation, and health benefits given by influential bodies, it’s little wonder that so many took to the smoking habit as something they just had to do. Even up until recent years, tobacco advertising has been just about everywhere promoting fashions and sports events the world over. So now we can understand a little about why folks would start smoking back in those days of ignorance, but knowing of the present day dangers to health and fitness, why start smoking in the modern age?

Knowing what we know today, you would think that the market for tobacco had all but vanished. Sadly this is not the case, and the dangers of smoking do little do deter those choosing to pick up for the first time. Even those who have been smoking for decades and perhaps even experiencing poor health as a result of their nicotine addiction, still make a decision to continue regardless.

The glamour image of yesteryear, which smoking had enjoyed for so long, is now portrayed quite differently by the non-smokers in today’s society. It’s commonly referred to as a dirty, filthy, antisocial habit. Smokers are often mocked on their nicotine stained teeth and fingers, ridiculed about their bad smelling breath, clothes and hair, and scorned because they are severely damaging their health and the health of those around them. So antisocial has smoking become that it’s banned from just about everywhere nowadays but back gardens and shop doorways.

Why Start Smoking in the 21 Century?

For those who still smoke, and it’s worth pointing out that there’s no shortage of them, the cigarette is an old friend that they wouldn’t want to get rid of under any circumstances. Many smokers do in fact puff their way into an early grave, hence the nickname for cigarettes ‘coffin nails’. Some folks just don’t want to give up, whereas others can’t. Perhaps only a fellow smoker can really relate to this mentality.

Most people start out smoking as teenagers. It’s no different today than it was back in those early days, with but one exception – No person, event, or company is promoting any benefits of cigarette smoking any more! On the contrary, knowledge about the hazards of smoking are drummed into all of us at a very early age. Even so, the adolescent boys and girls have this notion that smoking is still cool. Also is the belief that they look more grown up with fag in hand. And finally, teenagers being teenagers, probably look at smoking as a form or rebellion. Even older folks surely remember the kick they got as youngsters when doing things they weren’t supposed to be doing!

The reasons why people start smoking are numerous. Many start as adolescents or young adults for reasons mentioned above, and other reformed smokers relapse when justification prevails. The drug nicotine is cunning, and holds a powerful grip on those who dare to sample its wares.

Source by Andy Maingam

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