Why Should You Opt For Yoga During Pregnancy?

On being given the option of practicing yoga during pregnancy, it is but natural for women to express skepticism. Only when they embark on a course that they realize how beneficial it is. Most women who battle their pregnancy woes with yoga have found this ancient art to be an effective weapon for warding off physical discomfort and emotional insecurities thus rendering the experience joyful as it should be.

If childbirth is a miracle, then pregnancy is the journey that leads to it. When you watch a miracle occur before your eyes, it seems so amazing that you often tend to overlook the pain and toil underlying its creation. Difficulties, depression and complications have long since been synonymous with pregnancy to the extent of being taken for granted. However, there is a way that could render life a little easier for the mom-to-be and the solution presents itself in form of yoga.

By opting for yoga during pregnancy women benefit in the following ways –

Helps overcome fear and anxiety – Most yoga packages are inclusive of meditation which in turn leads to introspection. This enables the expecting mother to cultivate the mental strength needed to overcome stress, fear and anxiety. While the stress is attributed to daily changes that mark this condition, fear and anxiety stem from the unknown factor associated with labor pains that characterize actual delivery.

Physical preparation for childbirth – Since pregnancy causes a number of physical changes, not all yogic asanas would be suitable for this stage. Hence, practice during the first trimester must comprise of asanas which do not endanger the pregnancy in any manner. That said yogic asanas during the second and the third trimester are meant to prepare and tone the muscles of the body with the intention of facilitating easy childbirth.

Inner empowerment – Knowledge of yoga acquired during this phase enables the lady to remain calm and spiritually attuned throughout. This leads to enhanced inner strength and also cultivates confidence both of which are major power boosters.

Stabilizes breathing – Regular practice of pranayama which entails systematic inhalation and exhalation helps to stabilize breathing and plays an instrumental role in ensuring a rich and regular supply of oxygen to the baby.

Helps overcome related symptoms – Health problems like high blood pressure, morning and evening sickness, nausea and lethargy are inevitable during pregnancy. But the good news is that practicing yoga during pregnancy helps to keep them at bay and sometimes is effective in eliminating them too. Likewise physical issues like weight gain, stretch marks and abdominal paunch can also be handled without resorting to extreme measures.

To practice yoga during pregnancy is a decision that actually helps women to accept whatever this sacred phase heralds. It renders them capable of being able to look after the baby’s physical, spiritual and mental needs with aplomb. The only word of caution pertains to identifying a teacher who is certified, knowledgeable and trained in this type of yoga so as to be able to benefit as intended.

Source by Vinita Basu

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