What Is Super Yoga?

There are a variety of formats now making headlines for Yoga lovers everywhere. Most are versions created by Yogis from 5,000 years ago. The difference is with specialized sequences that are used for building energy, balancing the body and weight loss. The different sequences and techniques allow individuals to have a focus on building their aerobic exercises while participating in a growing fad.

Super Yoga is one of the alternatives that is currently being used. It is based on not only physical exercise for the individual, but has created an updated version to Yoga for the mind – body relationship. Different sequences are used specifically with the ability to synch up the physical interactions with the mind and the emotions while allowing one a different platform for exercise designed to give energy, focus and peak performance. A format, known as Synchromastery, has been created to help the body and mind function simultaneously. The Synchromastery exercises use specific Yoga sequences to help the chemistry and neurology of the brain to function at higher levels.

Super Yoga utilises a combination of Yogic practices for the main structure. It is based on a format similar to anaerobic exercises. This allows one to use short, 10 – 15 minute sequences and moves to gain a certain balance with the mind – body relationship. For instance, if one is stressed, than a specific sequence can be used to release the stress, balance out the neurochemistry of the mind and to gain physical energy. The re – balancing effect takes one out of the negative spiral of stress and into one based on focus and peak performance.

The combination of sequences with Super Yoga is followed by gaining balance in other ways. A diet consisting of Super Foods is used for this format. The foods consist of ways to balance out your body when combined with the yogic sequences. For instance, if one needs energy, than a specialized diet is created consisting of energetic types of food and herbs that are able to stimulate the nerve centers, energy field and the approach one has throughout the day. This is combined with lifestyle changes that are approached for altering the energetic levels.

Super Yoga has been developed specifically to assist in creating different opportunities for the individual in need of balance. The mind – body relationship, when working with Yoga, is able to develop a stronger and integrated approach. The techniques that are used, specifically which combine exercise and diet, then help with a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Source by Brooke Hart

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