Top Twenty Premature Ejaculation Tips Revealed by a Tantric Master

20% of men suffer from premature ejaculation. No need for more suffering! We present to you 20 tips you can apply to become a master of your ejaculation.

1. Wear a condom

Before I became a master of my ejaculation I often wore condoms which enabled me to make love without suffering from premature ejaculation. It is okay to use in the start but don’t rely on this method the rest of your life!

2. Diet

Most food nowadays is what yoga and ayurveda calls “tamasic” meaning that it is very heavy. Eat more vegetables and avoid fatty foods

3. Anxiety

Perhaps your premature ejaculation is due to anxiety. Perhaps you have problems with self confidence. Perhaps you have some childhood trauma. Perhaps you are afraid of women. But one thing is certain, take the first steps and take a look into your anxiety.

4. Relax!

Too tense? Try to localize where you might have tension in your body. Is it in your whole body or just the pelvic region. Are you tense in your mind in fact? Too many thoughts? Or does your work stress you out? One of the most effective relaxations is the full body yoga relaxation where you visit each part of the body starting from the feet and moving upwards where you tell each part in your mind to relax.

5. Visualisation

Visualizing the perfect lovemaking session is a great way to gain self confidence and make love without premature ejaculation.

6. Do Yoga

Yoga places your mind into your body so you get “grounded” so to say. You get in touch with your body and you learn to control the flow of energy in your body.

7. Communicate

Perhaps something is bothering you with your partner. Perhaps a subconscious anger or fear of your partner is keeping you from being a master of your ejaculation. Maybe it is time the two of you had a good talk.

8. Massage

Massage is actually one of the best ways for you to relax the body and to get in touch with a deeper layer of emotion. Many men suffer from premature ejaculation because they are not in touch with their physical bodies. Giving massage awakens your heart center making you less focused in your genital regions.

9. Physical exercises

You can’t get around the good old Kegel exercises. Knowing your PC muscle is absolutely essential in building up control and virility. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze! These techniques are available all over the net so I will not get more into them here but suffice to say that they are one of the most efficient techniques in gaining virility and strength in the pelvic region.

10. Emergency stops

Generally its best never too have to come to a point where you need to use these. These techniques really can look very silly and might considerably startle the woman you are with. One method involves grabbing the neck of the penis between the thumb and forefinger, breathing out strongly while sucking the stomach in and up. Another method is to apply big pressure on the “million dollar point” located between the anus and penis.

11. Masturbation exercises

This family of techniques involves masturbating until right before the point of no return and then relaxing again. I cannot recommend these to men who just want to get off. The whole idea is that you don’t get off but you learn where your point of no return is.

12. Foreplay

Men! The foreplay is more important for us than the woman. We need it more than she does. It slows down our metabolism, brings us into the body and makes us more affectionate. All important prerequisites to help avoid premature ejaculation.

13. Lovemaking positions

The order of the lovemaking position is important. Unfortunately the exact order of these positions is only for tantric initiates. Start going to erotic Tantra classes!

14. Breathing Exercises

Breathing properly is an absolute must to be able to control your ejaculation. Your breath has to become slower and deeper. Find breathing exercises where you have to learn to use your abdomen.

15. Focus

Next time you feel too close try and focus in your forehead. Look up gently with your eyes into your forehead. Just as efficient as thinking of maths, broccoli or your grandmother!

16. Meditation

Doing daily meditation actually helps many men overcome premature ejaculation. It purifies the thoughts and allows you to find a place within yourself where you are free and not stressed.

17. Masculinity

Believe it or not, masculinity is a keystone in becoming the master of ones ejaculation. Very masculine men often have no problems controlling their ejaculation and feeling relaxed in front of the feminine.

18. Energy work

When you become excited you build up sexual energy in the pelvic areas. Energy work such as yoga, Taoist exercises and Tantric exercises help you to circulate this energy in your body and alleviate the pressure in the genital areas

19. Herbs

Certain herbs are very effective to help you control your ejaculation. Ginseng and Ashwaganda are great plants that will help you with virility and premature ejaculation.

20. Discipline!

Rome was not built in one day. In our day age we have been conditioned to search for the quick fix. Stopping premature ejaculation can for some men imply quite a bit of discipline, but keep at it. Once the mind is set at something success will knock on your door.

Source by Hans Hvass