Top Ten Yoga Benefits

Yoga is attaining more and more prominent role in our daily life, and more people are coming to know its benefits. Still many people wonder what wonders this ancient form of exercises can do for us in our busy life, and why should we practise it regularly.

Though there are many benefits for practising this age old form of exercises daily, the ten most yoga benefits are given below –

1. Yoga makes your mind more alert.
2. It enhances your concentration and memory in your studies and work.
3. It reduces your stress and tension and thus makes your mind free and healthy, which ultimately enhances your beauty.
4. It improves your blood circulation, which in turn brings better health.
5. Yoga improves your muscle tone, flexibility and stamina.
6. Yoga and lowers fat and tones up your body. Who does not want to get rid of the extra fat in the body, especially in the stomach? Many are not aware that yoga can get rid of your extra weight slowly and in a healthy way, just by practising it daily.
7. Yoga helps you to become more optimistic in your thoughts, which ultimately helps you in taking proper decisions.
8. Yoga helps you to achieve complete relaxation of your body, soul and mind, which will lead you to achieve a happy life.
9. Yoga helps you remove your laziness and thus can achieve a better quality of life. Not only to your own life, you will be able to contribute more towards your family and to the society.
10. Yoga provides overall joy and happiness in your day to day life.

Though there are such tremendous benefits of learning this ancient form of exercises, it is safer to consult your physician before joining a yoga class, especially for the people who have some health issues.

Source by Lakshmi Menon