Role of Meditation in Reducing Stress

The way you think and act affect your daily life. Depression is a kind of medical disorder that is both common and serious and affects how you feel and act. The rate of depression has climbed up to 18% since 2005. Another study conducted by The NIMH reveals that in the US alone 16 million adults suffered from depression in the year 2012 alone. According to World Health Organization (WHO), almost 350 million people suffer from depression worldwide.

Depression is the biggest cause of pessimistic, negative state of mind, feeling of sadness and loss of interest in life and daily routine activities. It can hit you out of the blue and if persistent, depression can lead to a variety of problems that are both emotional and physical. This depression can leave you in hours of adversity.


As every person is different from one another. Symptoms of depression can vary from one person to another. Mentioned below are some symptoms that suggest a person is going through or is under stress and depression:

1- Feeling low all the time.

2- No interest in daily life activity.

3- Less sleep or loss of appetite.

4- Feeling that you are capable of nothing.

5- Feeling worthless and unwanted.

6- Thoughts of committing suicide or death.


A lot of us must have heard this word “MEDITATION” at some stage of our lives. But the truth is very few of us know what meditation really is. Some describe meditation as a process to concentrate. Others regard meditation as a method to concentrate on something that provides us peace and happiness. However, the ultimate goal of meditation is to achieve peace of mind and inner satisfaction. But, one should bear in mind that meditation is just one way of treating depression of what should be a multi-prolonged approach to treat depression.


1. Studies reveal that medication is one of the best sources to reduce stress and depression from your life.

2. Adopting meditation in your daily life will improve your emotional stability.

3. It increases the sense of inner satisfaction, peace, and happiness.

4. Helps in clearing up your mind and gain clarity.

5. Meditation is one of the best sources to release tension and control anger.

6. As meditation helps you achieve satisfaction and happiness, you’ll no longer be a dull, lonely and boring person. In short, we can say, you’ll be the person everyone wants to spend their time with.

Listed above are just a few of many benefits that one can achieve through meditation.

It’s strongly advised that you approach a specialist meditation instructor before starting medication, as he can provide you better guidance throughout this process.

So what are you waiting for? Adopt meditation today as a 30 minute daily routine habit to lead a depression and stress-free life.

Source by Syeda Nida Ali Rizvi

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