Quitting Smoking – What’s Your Health Span?

As a smoker I’m sure you have heard more than enough about the risks and dangers. But have you considered your personal health span and how it is impacted.

Firstly your health span is not about how long you will live it’s the quality of life you will lead while alive and basically how long you have before your good health evaporates.

Life spans for smokers has increased over the past decades because the medical profession simply has more drugs and surgical procedures which can keep you alive.

You may be missing some fingers or limbs, you may need an oxygen bottle and can’t climb stairs, but you will be alive.

That is a perfect example of a reduced health span. Alive but not kicking a whole lot. It is believed that a long term smoker will die up to 14 years earlier than they would have. This means that the health span could be seriously compromised somewhere between 2 and ten years prior to their death.

Depending on how quickly the smoker succumbs to a deadly diagnosis, such as lung cancer. However not all smokers get cancer, some will become diabetics and have limbs amputated, some will develop cardio vascular disease and suffer all the consequences.

But there is another element of reduced health span which is kind of ignored. The first system of the effects of smoking is the reduced ability to breathe.

In my clinic reports from clinics show that this health span reduction results in many smokers stopping some of the activities which they love doing. Playing team sports, surfing, cycling, going to the gym, even being able to run around and play with children or grandchildren.

The loss of these activities and others strips away your quality of life, a little at first and then more and more as time and cigarettes go by.

It’s hard to measure the loss of time spent enjoying life with family and friends, what is it worth? What is the emotional cost? Would the pain of this loss be at least the equal of the pain of your body failing and suffering the side effects of a cocktail of powerful pharmaceuticals and or multiple surgeries?

You may be thinking that this article is an exaggeration but the above has been the direct experiences of so many of my clients, some who choose to quit smoking before it was too late and some who quit in order to grasp onto just a few more months of precious life

Source by Ian Newton

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