Quitting Smoking – Are You Ready For The Smoking Police?

I notice media stories about smoking but this one really stands out. In China they have made smoking illegal in some cities in office buildings. To police this, keen anti smoker volunteers with government authority come into businesses and fine smokers about $70.

The article was comical, because there were smokers lining the stair wells and corridors and they scattered as the inspectors arrived.

In Australia this wouldn’t be accepted and such volunteers would need to be very brave indeed.

But of course there are many sanctioned restrictions for smokers and these are likely to increase, but I doubt we will see smoking inspectors hanging around restaurants with a tape measure waiting to pounce if they are a few millimetres to close to the diners.

On one level this is funny, but the reality is there is nothing funny about living your life as a social pariah.

You may not see yourself this way, but I live in a busy restaurant area of Brisbane and I observe smokers and those who observe them. There is also a level of discrimination occurring. In many places of employment if you are known, or suspected to be a smoker, then your chance of getting the job is severely reduced.

As time goes on you would have to ask yourself that aside from all the health risks, is it really worth it anymore.

Just imagine that you never had to walk away from a restaurant or a party to smoke, that you never again had to find a lane way in a city to have a cigarette at lunch, or that you never have to smoke outside while your family waits inside for you to return smelling like an ashtray.

What about never having to worry that your friends or work mates will discover your guilty secret. Or having to change clothes and wash your hair before meeting that special person who you think doesn’t suspect what you are doing.

Life can be difficult enough without making it any harder. So why do it. Why not just leave it all behind you? Just start a fresh new life where you breathe fresh air into your lungs instead of toxic smoke.

Advanced hypnosis will quickly give you the freedom you need to step into a new life where all the old habits are gone and you are once again able to build a healthy future for yourself and those in your life.

Source by Ian Newton