Pregnancy Yoga Poses – The Benefits

It’s time for you to learn about one of the best ways to keep yourself in shape during your pregnancy: yoga poses. Yoga is not just for die-hard enthusiasts any more… it’s for everyone who has a desire for both fitness and peace of mind. Keeping your body fit can be a task at any point in time, but more so during pregnancy. You don’t only have to think about injuring yourself while you exercise but also the possibility of doing harm to your baby. That’s why adopting pregnancy yoga poses is such a good idea.

The advantages of practicing pregnancy yoga poses are numerous. As with any type of yoga, you can look forward to increased flexibility and some level of stress relief. However, the benefits include so much more. Did you know that pregnancy yoga postures can actually help in preparing for labor? It does this by stretching and strengthening the muscles used in childbirth. The breathing techniques which make up a part of the yoga regimen also aid in relaxation and can go a long way towards alleviating some of your anxieties.

Of course you don’t have to stop doing the poses once you’ve had your child. Yoga is something that can be done by anyone who is interested in their overall well being. Since most of the postures you would have become accustomed too are so gentle, they are a good way to transition into more strenuous exercises so you get back into shape after your pregnancy. Plus, continued peace of mind can never be a bad thing.
There are certain poses which are a bit more suitable for pregnancy: yoga postures which do not put too much strain on the body. These involve:

Breathing exercises: Ask any pregnant woman and she’ll tell you that pregnancy places more stress on the body. Breathing techniques can help to alleviate the tension that an expectant mother may feel. Proper breathing not only increases the amount of oxygen in the body but by concentrating on the movement itself you can put yourself into a state of deep relaxation.

Standing poses: Many pregnant women experience some level of back and leg pain. Standing yoga postures improve circulation in the lower body while also strengthening the muscles so they can deal with the added weight of that precious bundle of joy you’re carrying. These are best attempted during your first trimester. During your pregnancy, yoga poses which include moderate twisting can also help to alleviate some of the lumbar discomfort.

You may be wondering about the inversion poses and whether you should try them. A skilled instructor will be able to determine what is right for you depending on your level of comfort. A good prenatal yoga DVD instructor will tell you exactly what you need to know. Please, for heaven’s sake, do not attempt inversion poses unless you are instructed by a certified trainer. You may consider putting a halt to some particular poses after your seventh month though. It is often difficult to balance properly after this point and you run a great risk of hurting both yourself and your unborn child.

Source by Ashley J Michaels

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