HemingWeigh Yoga Kit – Purple Yoga Mat Set Includes Carrying Strap, Yoga Blocks, Yoga Strap, and 2 Microfiber Yoga Towels – Yoga Gear and Accessories for Beginners and Experienced Yogis

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Unwind and Recharge With a Complete Yoga Mat Set- Do you need those early morning stretches to jumpstart your day? Or are you on the hunt for the perfect yoga starter kit for beginners? Either way, our yoga set has got you covere
Enhance Your Routine with Professional Grade Yoga Equipment – Find your focus with a yoga mat and blocks set that includes a thick NBR yoga mat and 2 high density EVA foam yoga blocks with beveled edges that provide proper support.
Shoulder Strap and Towel Set Included for Easy Portability – With our all- inclusive yoga accessories kit, you have everything you need for your home routine or gym class. A carry strap makes it easy to take your yoga supplies wherever you want to work out.
Eco-friendly And Professional Grade Material – We’ve included an absorbent, machine-washable towel and hand towel – both 100% microfiber. Plus, a premium yoga strap offers improved flexibility.
Everything You Need In One Yoga Equipment And Accessories Kit – The HemingWeigh fitness yoga set includes a Yoga Mat (72x24x0.5”) and Carry Strap, two Yoga Blocks (9x6x3” each), a Towel (72×24”) a Hand Towel (24×15”), and Yoga Strap (71×1.5”).

Heathyoga Women Bootcut High Waist Yoga Pants with Pockets, Black, Large

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EXCELLENT FABRICS WITH LATEST TECHNOLOGY: Heathyoga Bootcut Workout pants for women are made from High Quality Materials with 80% Polyester and 20% Spandex. The Fabric is Sweat Wicking, Non-See-Through and Ultra-Soft with a 4-Way Stretch Technology like a Second-Layer Skin on your body. Our Yoga Pants are designed with High Rise, Tummy Control and Streamlined Hips Cutting that would highlight your figure gorgeously.
FUNCTIONAL SIDE POCKETS: These Workout Pants have TWO LARGE DURABLE SIDE POCKETS which are ideal for keeping your Cash, Credit Cards and your Phone while you are working out at any places. Unlike the front pockets, our Workout Pants with SIDE POCKETS that can let you move, bend, squat and stretch easily or do any poses you want while doing your exercises.
UNIQUE DIY PANTS: Heathyoga Bootleg Pants allow you to move without restriction, furthermore with an innovative design at the cuffs of the pants to create a Streamlined Silhouette and a Slender Look. If the original size does not fit your body, you can just simply CUT OFF THE EXTRA PARTS of the pants to fit your body perfectly, and after that there is no need to hem the edges. It can all be done by DO IT YOURSELF!
TIME-SAVING DESIGN: Our Yoga Pants would be your Best Choice either for work or casual wear, these workout pants can be matched with a variety of clothing and shoes at all kinds of different workplaces, and you can quickly switch to Exercise Mode after your work Without Spending Lots Of Time to change your clothing, so that both your work and exercise can be connected seamlessly.
WARRANTY: All our products are sold with a 30-day, Full-Money-Back Warranty and can be returned to us with No Worries. Please check for your Own Size carefully from our size chart and NO NEED TO HESITATE FOR ALL THESE OUTSTANDING PRODUCTS.As a result, just add these Workout Pants to your cart by clicking the “Add-to-Cart” button and ENJOY YOUR HAPPY PURCHASE!

Buy the Best Yoga Mat for Your Yoga Practice

Are you going to start practicing yoga poses? If yes, you should be well aware of its need. First of all, you need the mat and the peaceful and green atmosphere. Talking about the mat, it must be of high quality so that you can continue your yoga practice without any interruption.

To buy yoga mats of high quality, you need to have a close look at all the points from material to thickness, surface, size and comfort. At first, start looking for material. Having the capability to affect overall pad quality, material has a great role and its quality determines your safety too during the practice. A pad is made using varied materials like cotton, eva foam and natural rubber in today’s world. While selecting the material you should know your body and avoid purchasing the rubber pad if you have allergy from latex. You can go for the one made of cotton.

You know it is the surface, which helps you have a grip on it and this leads you to stay away from the risks of fall down. It can happen when the surface is non-slippery. Otherwise, you have an unnecessary fall down and you cannot keep your practice going on. Therefore, buy the yoga mats with non-slippery surface. To stay unhindered in your yoga practice, you need to keep yourself free from strain or the effects of the jerks or shocks that get created through your fast and frequent body movements while performing yoga poses. You should buy the pad of standard thickness or a thicker one, as the thicker pad is more resistant to the shocks and jerks.

Find out if the pad is soft or not. To make you feel comfortable, the mat must be soft in nature. Due to its softness, the pad cushions your body parts and make you feel comfortable. This comfort feeling enables you to stay focused and concentrated on your practice. In addition, find out about the portability of yoga mats before you purchase the one. For easy portability, the mat should be light in weight and you can easily fold it to carry the same with you. The life along with size and dimension is also important to know before making the purchase. Buy the pad of the right size and dimension and longer lifespan. Also, inquire about the maintenance. Find out if it requires frequent maintenance or not. Buy the one with no frequent maintenance and you can easily wash it with your hands.

Source by Prashant Agarwal

4 Secrets to Pick the Right Yoga Pants for Yourself

Yoga is a spiritual practice that rejuvenates your mind, body and soul. Yoga exercises, when done properly, make you feel relaxed and centered with yourself. To experience these benefits, and to achieve the best workout, it is vital to wear right yoga pants that offer free movement, allowing you to focus on your exercise, not discomfort. Here are 4 secrets that will help you pick the right yoga pants for yourself.

Be yourself

Yoga is not same as other kinds of workouts. It does not focus on the competition, opinions or beauty standards. Instead, it is a process to know oneself. You should wear what makes you feel comfortable, beautiful and gracious.

Choose yoga wear that allows easy movement

Pick yoga pants that is comfortable and offers modest coverage. Stretchable, cotton-blend pants that perfectly hug your body are the right choice. Pants with an elastic waist that conform to the shape of the body are also good to go. Capri-style yoga pants are the most popular among women.

Yoga wear comes in different fabric types, such as cotton, linen and bamboo, thus making it important to consider the quality of fabric as one of the things while choosing yoga pants. In addition, light colours and earthly tones match well with yoga’s Zen effect.

Layer yoga clothing to beat micro-climate

Practicing yoga early morning can get chilly. Likewise, some yoga classes are conducted in a gym, where air conditioning systems are installed. To beat the cold, wear yoga clothes in layers and stay warm and cozy.

Yoga pants can go from the mat to the office

There is no secret that yoga can relieve stress and benefit work life. With more businesses offering yoga classes at the workplace, employers are noticing the benefits, such as higher employee satisfaction and increased productivity.

Entrepreneurs and executives practicing yoga believe that pants are great to wear to a meeting, family outing and grocery shopping. Those made of thicker fabrics can pair well with a longer length top or a tunic and can be worn to office.

Choosing the right yoga wear begins with knowing the options available. Find out the different types of styles, sizes, patterns, colours and fabrics that your pants come in. Once you are aware of them all, consider your needs and preferences and then make the right choice.

The main objective of choosing the right yoga pants is to ensure that you slip into something comfortable and you do not get distracted adjusting your clothes during any exercise.

Source by Kyara Vedi

DIBAOLONG Womens Yoga Sweatpants Loose Workout Joggers Pants Comfy Lounge Pants with Pockets Dark Gray L

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DIBAOLONG Size Chart: S (Waist-23.62’’Length-37.40’’); M (Waist-25.20’’Length-37.80’’); L (Waist-27.60’’’Length-38.20’’); XL (Waist-29.92’’ Length-38.58’’)
Comfy Material: 92% Polyester / 8% Spandex. Soft, lightweight and breathable, lasting comfort & fit. Durable enough for your gym or casual. Machine wash cold, Do not bleach
Elastic & High Waist: Loose jogger pants with drawstring elastic waist, easy to adjust for a better fit. Give you more freedom in your sports time. Skinny leg will keep the pants in place and show off your sneakers
Features: Loose fitting, solid color, skinny leg, elastic waist, Womens Jogger Pants casual lounge pants, loose fit yoga workout pants, running pants, pajamas pants, soft and stretchy sleep night lounge pants, relaxed fit sweat pants
Occasion: A casual lounge pants great for yoga, pilates, gym, jogging, vacation, beach, sleeping, lounge around, and relaxing at home. It is also a good choice for your daily casual wear. Suitable for any season wear

Modified Yoga Relieves Leg Pain

So many people have severe leg pain which interrupts their lives. Nobody wants to move when they are in pain. I think that’s part of the problem. A catch 22. Once a person has severe pain; they become more sedentary. It’s because of the pain, that they don’t want to move too much. It’s completely understandable. Seniors who have fallen and broken a hip or leg, are then told by physician not to move too much. After they heal, many people are still in the mind-set of not moving. Sciatica, knee and hip pain, burning sensations, numb legs, and cramping are other severe leg pains. The challenge is, that the leg pains sort of get all mixed up.

Modified yoga is actually a really good remedy for leg pain. Many of my clients have hip replacements, knee replacement, sciatica, and at least one has a broken pelvis that has been mending for a year now, severe leg cramps, and blood clots. Modified yoga assist the client at his or her pace of healing. People can stop when the pain is intense, or change the pose if its too much for them. No one has exactly the same time to heal. Some heal in a relatively short time; 4 weeks or so, and others with a more severe injury could take a whole year or more.

People are actually surprised when their bodies take quite a long time to heal. Somehow, it’s prized when people heal quickly, like they are some super human. I just say, “It will take the time that it does.” Another problem is that doctors don’t fully understand the stretching and benefits of modified yoga, so they tell a patient don’t move! If people continue to stretch, their hips, thighs and calves, and do everything slowly, they’ll get the blood circulating, which aids healing. They would start to improve over time. As soon as someone feels a twinge of pain, they retreat, instead of giving themselves moments to let it pass, and just take a small rest. They go immerse themselves in being sedentary again.

Also when a client comes to my class, I want to understand what kind of life they are living at home. I want to know what they are eating, and what they are not eating. Besides giving them a modified yoga lesson, I may suggest that they eat cauliflower and Brussel Sprouts. Due to their beneficial properties. If they are experiencing leg cramps, I might suggest that they drink a glass of Tomato juice daily, which is filled with potassium to help their leg cramps.

I ask how they sleep. Do they stack their legs one on top of the other, do they jam one of their heels against the calf muscle? A simple change of sleeping habit and their leg pain clears up. I also find out what kind of shoes they wear, and to describe the leg pain. If they describe foot, heel, and lower leg pain, I would suggest that they buy new shoes, due to lack of shoe support.

If they are dealing with sciatica, we do stretches that are quite specific to stretch the back, hip and thigh. If they are dealing with a knee injury, we do leg strengthening and stretches to assist the knee in recovery. I notice right away if a person locks their knee when they walk, and I would immediately instruct them to be more aware of the knee lock. If they can change the leg position to a slightly bent knee, the knee pain would subside.

Throughout the modified yoga class, the knee has to be bent, to protect the knee, and release the stress on the back. The tailbone and pelvic bone, needs to be rolled towards the navel, which relieves back pressure, and just that little adjustment, may be enough to release sciatica strain. Modified yoga does work on most pain, but people just have to have a little patience.

A yoga class is not a pain pill that just covers the symptoms. We really discover what is going on with a person’s lower back, legs, hips, and feet. All of this doesn’t happen immediately, because the client is learning about his or her own body. Each change of positioning, and subtly of the stretches, starts to make them feel a whole lot better. Then each client has to continue at his or her home. To keep the legs slightly bent, to do strengthen exercises, to protect the knees. To be careful about where they place their feet so that they don’t fall and re-injure the legs, knees ankles or feet.

It’s more like a lifestyle. Modified yoga is not just a class, it’s the body mechanics that go along with it. How can a person move their body in a gently way that frees their body, and permanently release body strain.

Source by Katheryn Hoban

Gaiam Essentials Premium Yoga Mat with Yoga Mat Carrier Sling, Navy, 72″L x 24″W x 1/4 Inch Thick

Price: $16.98
(as of Jan 07,2021 08:59:40 UTC – Details)

CLASSIC YOGA MAT: These durable, yet lightweight exercise yoga mats are extra thick (1/4 Inch) for the additional cushioning your joints need during any yoga or fitness routine
STICKY NON SLIP TEXTURE: Yoga mat is featured in classic colors with a textured non slip surface for excellent traction and superior grip in all types of yoga, even heated practices and hot yoga
NON TOXIC & 6P FREE PVC yoga mat is a healthier choice for you and the planet and free of DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP and DNOP (For best results unroll and air out your mat for 2 3 days before use)
INCLUDES YOGA MAT CARRIER SLING: Included with your yoga mat is a carrying sling/strap so you can strap up your mat and go
DIMENSIONS: 72″L x 24″W x 1/4 Inch Thick (3.5 lbs.)

Yoga Wheel Set (11-in-1),Yoga Wheel Back Wheel for Back Pain, Yoga Blocks 2 Pack with Strap, Resistance Bands,Yoga Wheel Bag, Perfect Yoga Accessory for Stretching and Improving Backbends (Purple)

Price: $47.99
(as of Jan 07,2021 07:59:05 UTC – Details)

Yoga Wheel for Back Pain- Our Yoga wheel is made of eco-friendly TPE, sturdy, durable and doesn’t slip. This Yoga back wheel can help keep your back loose and opened up, relieve to relax your back pain, improve body balance. Great for chronic back pain and perfect for those who sitting at desk working all day.
Non-Slip Yoga Blocks – Yoga blocks are constructed of a durable foam, lightweight and sturdy, soft but also firm enough to provide support. With a nonslip surface and beveled edges for easy gripping. Our yoga block 2 pack great for beginners or those with limited flexibility.
Yoga Strap, Resistance Band & Jump Rope – 100% natural latex exercise bands with 5 different resistance levels can be used to exercise all parts of muscles such as arms, butt, legs. 12 Loops Yoga Stretch Strap for Physical Therapy, Pilates, Dance and Gymnastics. The jump rope made of ball bearing system and braided steel wire is great for aerobic exercise.
Yoga wheel Bags – Our yoga set comes in a carrying bag, the large-capacity double zipper yoga carrying case convenient for storage and travel. This yoga wheel set allows you to turn any space into your personal yoga studio.
Gift Idea – This Yoga wheel set contains most yoga equipment, perfect gift for a friend who enjoys yoga or who has some back problems. Great gift idea for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas.