Top 100 Salsa Dance Songs – A Dancer’s Perspective (Part I)

When it comes to pleasing the dancers, you need to play the top 100 salsa dance songs. But, what are they and who decides what the top 100 salsa dance songs are?

That is a question that many salsa DJs have pondered, when trying to play the top 100 salsa dance songs for their audience. There’s just such a wide variety in styles, speeds, singers and songs that makes choosing a hand full (or even the one to play next) such a dilemma. A good DJ always finds a way to please the majority, though. On the other hand, a novice DJ, who doesn’t have the skill level, knowledge or has ever been a true, dance to the meaning of the song and music, salsero… well, a disaster is an understatement.

There have been times, when I have had a PARTICULARLY hard day and I’m so stressed out! I go to the salsa clubs, in hopes of hearing some of the top 100 salsa dance songs that will transform my stress to joy. Some DJs, from the first note/beat just manage to truly perform miracles, by playing songs that are not only fun to listen to, but exiting to dance. The blood starts circulating and yet there’s a chill in your spine. The feet start moving… and no matter how aware of people staring at you, that you are, you just can’t help but move your feet (and get lost in that rhythm!).

Then, there are those DJs that don’t understand the music or the words, much less the meaning or feeling , of the songs. The kind of DJs that either play the same songs over and over, in the same sequence even, every time they DJ at an event/club. OR even worse, the kind that seems like they just stopped at the local Starbucks, saw a salsa CD in between the Frank Sinatra and the Yoga Relaxation Jazz CDs and decided… “sounds good, I’ll play that all night”.

As an “Old Style” salsa dancer, whom understands what the singer is singing (and his “soneos” [improvisations]), that stuff just totally turns my salsa joy dial, almost, all the way down, as disappointment sets in, longing to hear any of the top 100 salsa dance songs instead.

What you will find, below, is a list I have compiled of the top 100 salsa dance songs that are being played by DJs all over the world. It is a compilation of the most common songs found on DJ website and articles from all over the world. I spent 2 months researching, asking questions and listening to each song to prove it’s validity (It started as a list of 500; but I’ve taken out all Cha-cha’s and some Merengues that sneaked their way in). I also broke the list down to 5 top 100 salsa dance songs lists. KEEP in mind, there are many more than these top 100 salsa dance songs out there; These are just THE ones, DJs all over the world have chosen (to post, at least), according to my research; plus a few of my own, that I play when DJing. Also, they are in alphabetical order and NOT in order of popularity or dance-ability. If you would like to submit YOUR top songs for consideration for this list, leave us a comment with your suggestions.

Here’s the top 100 salsa dance songs…

|Name| Artist| Album| Duration|

|1-800- Quiereme| Luisito Rosario| Rumba Del Barrio| 4:06|

|1-800-Quiereme ( Remix)| Luisito Rosario| Rumba Del Barrio| 5:02|

|A Bailar Pa’ Dentro| Orquesta La Solucion| Pa’ Bailar| 4:23|

|A Cali| Conjunto Clásico| Felicitaciones| 3:16|

|A Él| Oscar D’León| Éxitos De Con La Critica| 3:47|

|A Golpe De Folklore| Grupo Niche| A Golpe De Folklore| 4:59|

|A Gozar| José Alberto “El Canario”| Sueno Contigo| 3:34|

|A la hora que me Llamen Voy| Candido Fabre| 4:30|

|A La Hora Que Me Llamen Voy| José Alberto “El Canario”| On Time| 5:11|

|A La Memoria Del Muerto| Fruko y Sus Tesos| 4:22|

|A Mi Me Huele| Orquesta Mulenze| Salsa Fiesta!| 4:11|

|A Mi Suegro (Don Pedrito)| Various Artists| Coleccion Estelar De Salsa Dura| 3:55|

|Acere Bongo| Tipica 73 | 4:36|

|Avisale a mi Contrario| Grupo Mandinga| Back to the 70’s| 4:13|

|Aguzate| Louie Ramirez- Ray De La Paz| Sabor Con Clase| 6:06|

|Ajiaco Caliente| Eddie Palmieri| Mozambique| 5:38|

|El Amor| Alex leon| Salsa Caleta| 5:06|

|Amor Callejero| The Latin Brothers| Best of the Latin Brothers| 4:51|

|Arrepentios Pecadores| Willie Rosario| Back To The Future / 40 Aniversario| 4:31|

|Arrepientete| Orquesta Broadway| Salsa Fiesta!| 4:01|

|Arrepientete| Ray Barretto| At His Best| 5:14|

|Arroz Con Manteca| Oscar D’Leon| Con La Dimension Latina| 4:00|

|asi me gustas gordita| cesar nicolas| lo mejor de lo mejor| 4:00|

|Asi Soy Yo (That’s How I Am)| Larry Harlow| Asi Soy Yo| 5:42|

|Así No Se Quiere a Nadie| Tipica 73| 3:52|

|Ataca de Nuevo| Joe Cuba Sextette| Cocinando La Salsa| 3:25|

|Atízame El Fogón| Willie Rosario| Oro Salsero – 20 Éxitos| 5:07|

|Atrevida| REY RODRIGUEZ| En El Sonido De Hoy Vol 1| 4:38|

|Aunque Me Llores| Raphy Leavitt| Oro Salsero 20 Exitos Vol 2| 4:52|

|Ave Maria Lola| Sonora Carruseles| Heavy Salsa| 4:08|

|Avisale a Mi Contrario| Orquesta Tabaco y Ron| Salsa de Verdad| 7:14|

|Ay Caray| Adalberto Santiago| Popeye El Marino| 5:31|

|azucar Pa Un Amargao| Oscar D’Leon| Con La Dimension Latina| 2:54|

|Babaila| Soneros del Barrio| Siguiendo La Tradicion| 4:41|

|Babarabatiri| Tito Puente| Live At Birdland-Dancemania ’98| 8:29|

|Baila Que Baila| José “El Canario” Alberto| Serie Cristal: Greatest Hits| 4:48|

|Ban Ban| Joe Arroyo| Grandes Exitos, Vol. 2| 3:12|

|Banderita (A Little Flag)| Larry Harlow| Asi Soy Yo| 5:36|

|Bandolera| Héctor Lavoe| Comedia| 9:34|

|Bar Y Copas| Various Artists| Salsakidd’s Salsa Mix| 4:17|

|Barrio Negro| Sensual 990| Ultra Mix The Best Of Salsa Tropical Dance| 5:34|

|Barrunto| Willie Colón| The Big Break – La Gran Fuga| 5:37|

|Bembelequa| Celia Cruz| Irrepetible| 4:55|

|Beso Gitano| Colombia Te Canta Ii| Colombia Te Canta II| 5:14|

|Beunaventura Tiene Ricura| Orquesta Guayacan| Guayacan Y Del Bueno| 5:19|

|Blanco y Negro| Joe Arroyo| 20th Anniversary| 5:03|

|Boca Mentirosa| Andy Montañez| Oro Salsero| 4:44|

|Boricua Rumbero Salsero| adalberto santiago| salsa gorda| 4:05|

|Bravo Rumbero| Alfredo Naranjo y El Guajeo| A Las 6 Es La Cita| 3:28|

|Buena Ventura y Caney| Grupo Niche| Historia Music, Vol. 1| 6:19|

|Buenaventura Llego La Hora| Huber Angel| Gózame| 4:18|

|Busca El Ritmo| Willie Rosario| Oro Salsero – 20 Éxitos| 5:35|

|Buscando Un Amor| Orq. Matecana/Orq. Guayacan| Serie Batalla| 4:22|

|Busco Lo Tuyo| Fania All-Stars| Fania All-Stars “Live” June 11, 1994| 7:01|

|Busco Olvidarte| Willie Rosario| Back To The Future / 40 Aniversario| 4:35|

|Cachondea| Fruko & Sus Tesos| Fruko Y Sus Tesos – Power Salsa| 4:57|

|Cali De Rumba| Fruko & Sus Tesos| Fruko Y Sus Tesos – Power Salsa| 5:26|

|Cali Flamenca Mix| Melcochita| Mis Mejores Exitos| 6:21|

|calla buey| Hector “tempo” Alomar| lo mejor de lo mejor| 5:13|

|Campana Mayoral| Jose Mangual Jr.| 5:15|

|Cantando| Los Niches| Grandes Exitos| 4:29|

|Cantando Se Fué| Cuco Valoy| Sonero| 4:18|

|Canto Abacua| Ray Barretto| At His Best| 8:17|

|Capullito De Azucena| Oscar D’Leon| El Panquelero| 4:32|

|Carnaval| Joe Arroyo| Y la Verdad| 5:06|

|Castígala| Cesar Nicolas| Lo Mejor de Lo Mejor| 4:10|

|Celebrando| La Puertorriqueña| Orquesta Puertorriqueña : 20 Aniversario| 5:02|

|Celia| José Alberto “El Canario”| On Time| 6:00|

|Chimpun Callao| Orquesta Macondo| Ultra Mix The Best Of Salsa Tropical Dance| 3:43|

|Como Es Posible| Louie Ramírez| Louie Ramirez y Super Banda| 5:04|

|Como lo Canto Yo| Spanish Harlem Orchestra| Across 110th Street| 4:32|

|Como Olvidarte| Oscar D’León| 4:01|

|Companera De Camino| Raphy Leavitt| Oro Salsero 20 Exitos – VOL 1| 4:04|

|Corazón de Acero| Cuco Valoy| Sonero| 4:14|

|Cuando te Vea| Grupo Mandinga| Back to the 70’s| 4:08|

|Cuando Te Vea| Spanish Harlem| Across 110th Street| 4:50|

|Cuerpo De Guitarra| Various| Esto Si Es Salsa De Verdad!| 5:32|

|Culpable| GRUPO GALE| Esencia Latina| 4:17|

|Cumana| Valentin Valdez Bebe De La Salsa| 4:17|

|De Una Vez Gozando| La Sonora Carruseles| De Una Vez Gozando| 5:17|

|Descarga ’73| Tipica 73 | 4:53|

|Descarga Total| Maraca| Latin Village Salsa (Mixed By DJ Mauri)| 6:00|

|Devuelve Mi Alegria| Willie Rosario| Mas Ritmo| 4:10|

|Déjate Querer| José Alberto “El Canario”| Herido| 5:11|

|Digo Yo| Grupo Niche| Historia Music, Vol. 1| 4:58|

|Dime Que Si| Antonio Cartagena| Dime Que Si| 4:25|

|Dime Que Si| Gilberto Santa Rosa Tres Con Cache| 4:19|

|Dime Si Llegue a Tiempo| Celia Cruz & Johnny Pacheco| Tremendo Cache| 3:51|

|Dinamita| Fania All-Stars| Commitment| 4:50|

|Dolor Y Amor| Ismael Miranda y Orq. Harlow| Abran Paso| 3:57|

|Dolores| Cano Estremera| Opera Ecuajey| 4:26|

|Dominicano Soy| Raulín Rosendo| Dominicano Para El Mundo| 4:54|

|Don Toribio| Grupo Mandinga| Back to the 70’s| 4:26|

|Dos Amigos| Domingo Quiñones| Greatest Hits| 4:00|

|Echando Pa’Lante| Oscar D’León| El Cachumbambe| 3:57|

|El Apartamento| Willie Rosario| Back To The Future / 40 Aniversario| 4:19|

|El Artista Famoso| Roberto Blades| 5:51|

|El As de la Rumba| Jose Alberto “El Canario”| Back to the Mambo: Tribute to Machito| 4:48|

|El Bailarin de La Avenida| Sonora Carruseles| Con Todos Los Hierros| 4:11|

|El candado y la llave| Tito Allen| El Intocable| 4:34|

Don’t get me wrong, there a multiple opinions on what the “top 100 salsa dance songs” are and aren’t. But there are quite a few selections that are considered THE top 100 salsa dance songs all over the world. In LA and in NY, in Italy and South Korea, in Puerto Rico and Venezuela, in Colombia or Panama… these songs will fill the dance floors and keep salseros (and salseras) happy and dancing until they drop!

Source by Ivan Marquez

Ukrainian Lifestyle

Speaking about modern Ukrainian customs and traditions it is necessary to stress that the Ukrainians are proud of their colorful folk culture. They love good food and drink and have a zest for life.

Most Ukrainian middle-class and lower class urban families live in flat in multi-storied buildings; only rather rich people can afford to build cottages either inside or outside the city.

Ukrainians have a deep love of the land. Many families have small country houses, called “dacha”. They are able to grow just about anything in their neat gardens, orchards, and homesteads. Some people grow food only for their own personal consumption. They spend time canning vegetables and making compote from various fruits during the summer in order to make it through the long cold winters. They always have something in their houses to serve guests.

A modern average Ukrainian family has two parents and usually one or two children. At the same time there is a growing number of one-parent families usually headed by a woman rearing a child. Like in many other countries, there are quite a lot of young unmarried people living together and sharing a household. Bringing up a child in Ukraine is very costly now; that is why many couples decided to have only one child, or even no children. Children tend to live with there parents long after they finish school. Sometimes children have to rely on their parents in financial matters as the unemployment rate among the young is very high. A newly married couple often lives with either of their parents because they have no money to buy or to rent a house or a flat of their own. Often one or both grandparents live with their children and help take care of small children. Grandparents play a great role in raising children in Ukraine.

In the village families are usually larger, and the whole family works on the farm (or a patch of land they have) together. Most parents who live in the country want their children to get a higher education, so they send them to study to big cities. After 5 years of studies, the children get used to the city way of life and seldom go home.

In their struggle for survival people become less dependent on each other within families. But still parents think it is important to teach their children daily skills and basic values of life. The result of a resent nationwide survey showed that the most important values parents want to teach their children are honestly, common sense, purposefulness, responsibility, good manners and obedience to parents. Adults believe children should be brought up to expect that they will have to struggle to succeed.

Like most other people, Ukrainians like holidays and merrymaking. They usually try to cook many tasty dishes and invite a lot of friends and relatives to their places. Another thing Ukrainians love to do is talk (while strolling, in cafes and restaurants, or at home over a cup of tea or coffee or other drinks). Conversation tends to be light, relaxing, humorous, and sometimes philosophical. Many Ukrainians enjoy picnics in the wood or somewhere the water at almost any time of year. Picnics often involve shashlik or barbequed meat, homemade salads, and sometimes alcohol. Ukrainians love to sit around fires at night and snack, drink, and sing songs to a guitar.

Popular outdoor sports in Ukraine are soccer, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, and hiking (walking in the forest). Fitness clubs have appeared all over the place. Yoga and martial arts are quite popular as well. Mountain climbing and rock climbing clubs can be found. Scuba diving, yachting, and even golf have recently become available. Increasingly popular in Ukraine are all sorts of extreme sports (bungee jumping, river rafting, downhill mountain biking, spelunking, etc.), and, more generally, all forms of active recreation (hiking, biking, boating, horseback riding, skiing, etc.).

Not everyone will do the things we’ve described above. Some Ukrainians’ culture will strike you as incomprehensible and intolerable, while others’ behavior and attitudes will seem rational and compatible with your own.

Source by Marina Pristinskaya

Mother’s Day – Honouring Our Mums!

Mothers Day – an Ancient Celebration:

Did you know that a long time ago ‘Mother Goddess’ was celebrated rather than mothers. Yearly ‘Mother Goddess’ festivals originated in Egypt and were popular in ancient Greece too where they became so wild with fun that they were eventually banned!

A later incarnation in England fell on the 4th Sunday of lent and early Christians used the day to honor the church where they were baptized (their mother Church). Then something changed in 1600’s. A clerical decree in England broadened the celebration to include real mothers; earning the name ‘Mothering Day’. It was a compassionate day for working classes who were allowed to travel back to their place of origin to visit their mothers. It also was a one day reprieve from lent and all the fasting. Families around England could enjoy a family meal with ‘mother’ the guest of honor with cakes and flowers presented to her.

In 1907 Miss Anna Jarvis in the USA started a campaign that made Mother’s Day a national holiday by 1911. Anna’s mother died when she was 41. She felt that children should appreciate and celebrate their mother’s more while they are still alive. She hoped this day would increase respect and love for one’s mother and strengthen family bonds. She fought against it being commercialized. In 1912 the Mother’s Day International Association was incorporated to further promote meaningful observations. Mother’s Day celebrations are now a tradition around the world. Australia along with the USA, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Turkey and Belgium all celebrate on the same day. Remember that the ‘mother’ figure today can be a male, a relative, friend or other caregiver who has taken on the ‘mothering’ role. Please remember to honor them on this day too.

Flower Traditions:

White carnations were Miss Anna Jarvis’s mother’s favorite flower. This flower was chosen to represent the sweetness, purity and endurance of mother’s love. The white carnation is now a tradition worn or placed in the home in honor of one’s mother that has died. A red carnation has since become the symbol of a living mother and is either worn on a lapel or again bunched and placed in one’s home to honor one’s mother.

How to make your mum feel special without spending money:

Here are a few suggestions to help your mum feel really good on her special day, remembering that holidays are more meaningful if we get away from buying gifts.

– Plan to do a secret act of kindness each day for 7 days leading up to Mother’s Day. This can include secretly doing one of mum’s chores for her each day. Imagine how good mum will feel by Sunday!

– Leave a note of appreciation in a different spot each day for the 7 days leading up to Mother’s Day eg inside her slippers, on the bathroom mirror, on her steering wheel, on her bedside lamp, under her pillow etc.

– On Mother’s Day don’t talk about yourself instead make the focus all about your mum. Focus on her by asking questions about her childhood, her favorite memories, her favorite subjects at school, her favorite hobby, favorite food when she was young, her first job, her most memorable holiday, her most embarrassing moment, how she met your father, what life was like when you were born, her funniest and fondest memories with her children etc. By focusing on your mum and her memories you are expressing your love for her.

Teach an old cake tradition:

Simnel cake was originally a ‘Mothering Sunday’ tradition. If you are a father of children still at home, make a special time with them to make this ‘Mothers Day’ cake as a surprise for mum on Mother’s Day. You can have fun and get creative by decorating it differently each year. Simply Google ‘Simple Simnel Cake’ to find an easy recipe.

Happy Mothers Day to all mums xx

Source by Bernadette Dimitrov

Is It Possible for Average Students to Crack IIT-JEE?

If you think you can do it, you will. Whether you are an average student or a topper in your class, you stand to compete against lakhs of students every year in the IIT JEE entrance exams. As Thomas Edison said: “Genius: one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration” it stands true that it is absolutely possible for average student to crack IIT JEE. All that differs between a topper and an average student is the level of commitment to the goal and how focused you are about achieving it.

So even if you are an average student looking to aim high and get admission to an IIT, you can surely do it if you focus and work hard. It is best to start early and get the complete IIT JEE syllabus and all the course material ready. It is advisable to start the preparation from class 11th and complete the fundamental questions, try your hand on questions and take your time to go through the chapters. Here are some steps to ensure that even as an average student you can crack the IIT JEE:

Stay focused: Regardless of your current class position, if you are serious about studying and achieving your goal, you can do it by staying focused. Cut out the distractions like TV, trolling the web, mobile phone conversations. After all, it is only a matter of two years hard work that can land you the coveted position in an IIT.

Self-confidence: It is essential to have confidence in your own abilities. Having negative thoughts about your success will not help you aim high. So have the confidence that you can do it and work towards your goal. It is dedication and staying focused on your IIT JEE preparation can be of assistance.

Plan and organize your schedule: It is important to make a time table and stick with it. Keep proper timings and slot each subject for equal number of hours. It would be of no assistance if you study only physics for a few weeks and the start on chemistry and then work on math. This will leave you out of touch with the subjects that you studied a few weeks before. So ensure that you work on the subjects simultaneously, just like in school.

Enhance concentration: The only difference between a geeky student who scores top marks and an average student is the level of concentration. If you are able to enhance your concentration a few notches over the others, you’ll be able to study better and retain the information for a longer time. Meditation and yoga can help you.

Use right books and JEE material: Whether you have joined an online class or regular coaching, staying on track with it is essential.

Source by Meena Rawat

Yoga For Back Pain

The spinal or back pain refers to disorders and pains in the spine region, particularly in the waist region. This pain is commonly called lower backache. This pain could spread over to both sides of the waist and the hips. When the pain is acute, it makes the patient almost partially immobile. In more severe conditions, the sufferer is bed ridden.

It is generally found that people with excess body weight are prone to developing back pain as they grow older. It is also common for younger people to also suffer from spinal pain. During the initial stages of lower backache, the sufferer may tolerate the pain, but over a prolonged period the sufferer will not be able to bear the pain. The prolonged period of pain related to the spine, progresses into more chronic conditions and gets aggravated during these later stages.

There are four main cases that lead to back pain. These causes are as follows:

1. Poor eating habits resulting in an overweight condition or underweight condition of the body

2. Prolonged exposure to cold conditions

3. Physical strain on the spine

4. Poor posture for a considerable length of time

Spinal pain is curable through the practice of certain Yoga Asanas. Below I have listed the Asanas to be practiced for curing spinal pain. These postures should be performed slowly and rhythmically and not in great strain or hurriedly.

Yoga Asanas for spinal pain

(a) Majarasana or cat stretch

1. Kneel on all fours with knees shoulder width apart aligned with your feet.

2. Drop your back down while keeping your head up.

3. Breathe out and arch your back up, bringing your head down touching your neck.

4. Breathe in and come back up to starting position.

(b) Bhujanga Asana or cobra pose

1. Lay facing down with forehead on the floor.

2. Place your palms flat on the floor beside your chest.

3. Keep your elbows together hugging the back of your body.

4. Breathe in; lift your chest and navel point off the floor and arch your back upwards.

5. Ensure your elbows are bent.

6. Breathe out and slowly return to starting position

(c) Salabha Asana or locust pose

1. Lay on stomach with chin on floor and place hands flat on the floor next to your hips.

2. Breathe in and lift both legs off the floor.

3. Press your palms against the floor for support.

4. Breathe out and return to starting position.

(d) Dhanura Asana or bow pose

1. Lie facing down with palms on your side facing upwards.

2. Breathe out; bend your knees and grasp your ankles with your hand.

3. Slowly raise your knees and chest off the floor and tilt your head back.

4. The weight of your body should be resting on your stomach.

5. Breathe out; bring your knees and chest slowly to the ground and release your ankles.

Source by Suleiha Suguna

Pigeons in Amarnath and Eagles at Thirukkazukkundram – A Miracle That Happens Even Today!

Holy Himalayas. The World’s highest peak Everest is here. The entire area is called as Holy land or Punya Bhoomi. It is a sacred duty for a Hindu to visit Amarnath, Kedarnath and Badrinath at least once in his life time.

The distance from Jammu to Pahalgam is 363 Km. Pahalgam is 96 Km from Srinagar. From Jammu the Holy Cave of Amarnath is situated at about 410 Kms. From Pahalkam it is 47 kms.

The trekking in the Himalayas would be a mind blowing experience. As if walking in the heaven, the devotees usually feel the divinity around them.

Amarnath means deathless. It is also the name of Shiva. The cave was found by one Muslim Boy called Buta Malik some 400 years ago. One day while he was grazing his cattle in the Himalayas, he met a sage. The sage gave him a bowl full of coal. The boy carried it with him to his home. On reaching home, in the evening, when he took the bowl, it was full of Gold. Immediately he went back in search of the sage. At that time he found out the Holy Amarnath Cave. Even today part of the offerings paid to Lord Shiva at Amarnath Cave by the devotees goes to the heirs of Buta Malik. This cave is a fine example for Hindu-Muslim Unity.

The ice formation inside the cave gradually grows to form a very big Shiva Linga. At full moon day the Lingam attains its maximum height. The height of the Shiva Linga is about 24 feet from new moon day to the full moon day.

Exactly on the full moon day two pigeons appear in the cave symbolizing Lord Shiva and His consort Parvathi, the daughter of Himalayas.

The Legend goes like this. When Shiva was revealing the secrets of the creation of the universe to Parvathi, a pair of pigeons appeared there and overheard the conversation. Every year on the same full moon day these two pigeons appear in the cave without fail.

Even a hard core skeptic will be persuaded to believe the divine sports happens here every year. How could two pigeons appear exactly on the same full moon day at the exact spot! And how could the ice attains its maximum height on the full moon day and gradually reduces, but never disappears fully.

The holy cave is situated at a height of 12792 feet. The cave is a symbol of sublimity, serenity and strength. The length, width and height of this natural holy cave is 60,30 and 15 feet respectively.

Coming to down south we have one Thirukazhukundram, 68 km from Chennai, where two sacred eagles are appearing every day over the temple to worship Lord Shiva. A large number of visitors used to wait there to watch this miraculous event every day. The two eagles used to come down to a rock where the sweet rice is offered as food.

It is said that these two eagles were actually two risihis namely Pusha and Vidhadha. After circling the sacred mountain they used to come near the priest walking. Balls of rice is being offered to the eagles. They eat the balls of rice and after cleaning their beaks in the water kept in a small vessel nearby, take off circle around the temple tower again and fly off. Every day, day after day, the event repeats. This is happening for the past several centuries.

One has to see these things to believe. Hinduism lives from Cape Comorin to the great Himalayas. There are thousands of miracles happen every day, even today in the Hindu Land!

Source by Santhanam Nagarajan

Finding Flow

When we’re in flow, we’re in the zone, that beautiful place of creative expression. It’s typically accompanied with ease, grace, and a lost sense of time. Flow is place where new ideas sprout and grow. It’s where we feel energized and engaged in creative pursuit. In short, flow feels great.

Who doesn’t want flow?

But where do we find flow? And how do we move into it when we’re reeling from the world around us?

The past year has been triggering, disruptive, distracting, overwhelming, and for some of us, downright traumatizing. It has left so many of us feeling completely and utterly exhausted. It’s been easy, even necessary, to revert to old coping habits that allow us to escape, tune out, and numb down our feelings.

And, it’s exceedingly hard to flow when we’re experiencing any of the above.

So, if this is where you find yourself, know that you have my compassion and deep understanding. And, along with my compassion, I bring you some tips to find your flow again. Tips I use all the time to get back into my own flow.

Stay with your feelings — Feelings, when embraced, will begin to dissipate, and feel more manageable. This will allow you to stay in the moment, and it’s in the moment where we find flow.

Get your energy moving — Don’t wait for motivation. Move your body on a daily basis. Yoga, walks, workouts, dance. Movement will break up stagnant energy, helping you move into flow.

Take one step –– Get started. Jumpstart momentum by doing one small thing at a time. We strangle our flow by focusing only on the massive work we have to get done. Focus instead on one thing at a time and you will get it done. This helps you stay present, in the moment, and will increase feelings of accomplishment, and flow.

Let go of stagnating habits — Easier said than done, right? Yes, definitely, but here’s a way to start.

First, get clear about the habits which keep you stagnated. Notice which feelings trigger the desire to indulge in a habit. Stay with these feelings. When you do indulge in your habit, notice what happens to your sense of flow. No judgement here — just mindfulness. Remember — limiting habits start as coping strategies. The key is to stay with the feelings that we’re trying to avoid. Again, staying with your feelings will them process and become more manageable. This in itself will facilitate flow.

Use energy work — The goal of energy work is to help stuck energy move into a healthy flow. Recurring habits, reactions, and emotions signal that energy flow has been disrupted. Practices such as EFT Tapping, Matrix Reimprinting, Acupuncture, along with other energy modalities, are effective for clearing disruptions to flow.

Wishing you abundant flow,


Source by Marian Buck Murray

Learn a Once-Secret Practice to Improved Health – The 5 Tibetan Rites

The 5 Tibetan Rites are once-secret, ancient yoga-like poses developed by Tibetan monks thousands of years ago to slow aging, increase energy, calm the mind and strengthen the body. You can increase your energy and longevity by performing these five easy exercises that take only 10 minutes each day to do.

The secret to the 5 Tibetan Rites became unveiled in the 1930’s when a retired British army officer discovered a remote Tibetan monastery where the monks were rumored to have discovered the legendary Fountain of Youth. The remarkably old, yet amazingly healthy monks, claimed that the secret to reversing aging lay in the five special movements they performed daily. The officer learned these exercises from the monks and taught them to Peter Kelder, who documented them in the book “The Ancient Secrets of the Fountain of Youth.”

Practitioners reported improvements in strength, endurance, and energy, relief from joint pain and headaches, better memory and vision, weight loss and even a more youthful appearance.

The second edition of the book included a new chapter on the power of the mind, explaining how the 5 Rites were meant to stimulate the energy centers of the body, the chakras, by speeding up and coordinating their spin. You can put your focus on each chakra during repetition of the exercises for increased benefits.

By activating and stimulating the chakras, which in turn stimulate all the glands of the endocrine system, the 5 Rites benefit the body’s overall functioning and aging process. The man who brought these 5 Rites out of Tibet stated that, “performing the Five Rites stimulates the circulation of essential life energy throughout the body.”

Many practitioners say it takes just 10 minutes each day to achieve all the benefits that the 5 Rites offer. While the 5 Rites can be done aerobically, practicing them slowly creates more strength and focus.

Prior to performing the 5 Rites, you can increase their benefit by doing a Chakra Meditation.

Source by Becca Chopra

How to Control Hot Flashes and Last Longer in Bed Thereafter

Are you experiencing night sweats or hot flashes from the last few days? If yes, then you might be approaching menopause!

Night sweats & hot flashes are considered a nightmare in every woman’s life. They are among the most common symptoms of menopause and pre menopause. In general, Menopause is a particular phase in a woman’s life in which her reproductive ability ends. The majority of women reach the period of menopause in their early fifties and late forties, when they start thinking about their future, leaving behind their sexual life.

Basic symptoms of Menopause

Written below are some common symptoms of Menopause, which include:

• Change in the menstrual cycle
• Night Sweats
• Sleep and fatigue
• Sudden Mood Swings
• Vaginal dryness
• Sudden weight gain
• High blood pressure
• Memory problems
• Change in sex life

What are hot flashes?

Hot flashes, also known as hot flushes are a swift sensation of heat, causing sweating at night and moreover, making it difficult for you to sleep. Their precise cause is still unknown, but somehow it is believed that they are related to the hormonal changes occurring in the body. Its symptoms are redness in the face & neck, sweating during night, tingling in your fingers, intense heating of the skin, increase in the heartbeat, etc.

How to prevent it

Do you have any idea what causes hot flashes? Here are some of the most common hot flash triggers, which include Smoking in excess, Intake of Alcohol, Eating Spicy Food items, Consuming Caffeine, Wearing tight clothes, Taking unnecessary stress

Fortunately, there are several ways of keeping them at bay & having a sweat-free night sleep, such as:

Staying cool – it is important that you keep your bedroom cool at night in order to avoid unnecessary sweating and excessive heating of the body. Also, you can make use of fans during daytime and wear cotton clothes to sleep peacefully.

Deep breathing – according to various health institutes, it is recommended that you try deep breathing, also known as relaxation breathing, at least twice a day, which helps in reducing night sweats.

Regular Exercises – exercises assist in controlling some of the symptoms of menopause and help in relieving stress, regaining your focus, setting a positive attitude towards life, and more. Exercises like swimming, yoga, meditation, dancing, bicycling, walking are all good choices.

Hormone Replacement Therapy – it is a very popular and effective way of taking care of most of menopause symptoms. But before thinking about having HRT i.e. hormone replacement therapy, it is important that you talk to your doctor about its pros and cons.

Source by Jass P Chawla

How to Get the Best Workout For Tightening the Buns Fast

Thousands and thousands of ladies are unhappy about the shape of their rear ends and spend hours and hours searching for a way or exercise to tighten the buns. I say, you don’t have to go to fancy gyms and buy a ton of equipment to achieve that goal. You really don’t. Now, believe me, I have been there and know exactly how you feel. In women, the problem areas tend to be the opposite of men’s problem areas. Men tend to gain the weight around the abodomen, while women pack it on around the butt and thigh areas. Even if you don’t want to show the world in a public gym that you are working on your butt and thighs, there is another way. In private! And you will get smashing results.

I listed below several things that have helped me firm up that butt and keep it firm, keeping me looking younger and more in shape than I ever was in my early 20’s. And anyone can do it.

1. Lunges – Lunge forward with the left foot, then return to the standing position. Do the same with the right, and repeat this in 3 sets of 12 lunges for each leg.

2. Walking – Take a brisk walk for 30-45 minutes around the neighborhood, the park, anywhere.

3. Ride your bicycle – Take a 30-45 minute bike ride around your neighborhood,the park, the beach….anywhere you want to go.

4. Yoga – Yoga is excellent for the butt. With all of the holding of positions, stretching, strengthening and isolating moves, they definatley tone every part of the body. There are many at home yoga dvds that target the butt.

5. Back leg lifts – Stand holding onto the back of a chair and lift your leg to the back, pointing your toe (as if you were in ballet class). Repeat 20 times and then switch legs. Do three sets of these three times a week.

There are plenty of exercises to tighten the butt you can do right in the home or around your neighborhood, while on the road, wherever. And it’s easy exercise! It may be challenging to the body, that is what you have to do to get results. If you don’t challenge the body, there is no way it can change, right? Right!

There are many workout DVDs that I would recommend that really target and tighten the buns.

– At-Home Workout DVDs that I recommend to tighten and sculpt the butt:

– Kim Kardashian’s Fit Into Your Jeans By Friday series

– Self Magazines’ Your Best Butt Fast DVD

– Denise Austin’s Yoga Buns

Another tip on what to do is to KEEP ACTIVE. If you change it up and not sit on your butt all of the time, you keep the blood flowing to the muscle and therefore it automatically will be more prone to being firm and tight.

Source by Rachel Car Johnson