Meditation – How to Concentrate and Achieve Focus Easily

One of the keys to successful and rewarding meditation is learning to stop your mind wandering, in order to allow you to focus. For most people the required level of concentration is difficult to achieve when they first try meditating. Left to its own devices, your mind will tend to wander in a thousand different directions. The general purpose of meditation is to reduce tension and stress and achieve a peaceful mental state; this is unlikely to occur if you’re thinking about your electricity bill or whether your football team will win on Saturday.

When you learn to concentrate properly, you will find yourself able to fully relax physically and mentally and discover the true benefits of meditation. In fact, you have probably already experienced the state of mind you’re trying to achieve. If you’ve ever become totally absorbed in something you’re doing, perhaps playing a musical instrument or drawing a picture, to the exclusion of everything else around you; you have achieved the special kind of focus required.

Calming the Mind

So, how can you focus your attention when meditating? There are several different methods which can be used to promote the necessary concentration. Many practitioners achieve it by focussing their attention on a particular object, or perhaps chanting, this is sometimes referred to as ‘concentration meditation’. Personally, I find the most effective technique is the one called ‘mindful meditation’. With this method, it’s not necessary to try to concentrate on a particular thing, instead you welcome any and all thoughts that arise in your mind, recognize them for what they are (distractions), and let them go. It’s rather like becoming an observer of your thoughts, rather than a participant. You need to keep yourself in the present moment, simply by letting any distractions flow through you, without stopping to examine them. You shouldn’t berate yourself if random thoughts come into your head, simply acknowledge them and move on. After a period of time you will find that your mind has become quieter and more calm. Without actively trying to banish distracting thoughts, they will start to disappear on their own.

When properly followed, the techniques of ‘mindful meditation’ allow you to reach a state of high concentration without effort. If you’re just starting to practice meditation, but finding it difficult to quieten your mind sufficiently, it might be a good idea to try this method.

Source by Jayneanne Benjamin

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