I was minding my friend’s @barayoga_ 3 cats when he was away. Last time I visited them there were only 2 around. It is normal as the little one was a bit sick recently and he usually doesn’t welcome me. But this day was different. I checked every warm corner, every fluffy pillow constantly calling his name, but he didn’t show up. I tried to tease him by rustling the cat food package, but it didn’t work either. I was worried that he got more sick somewhere and he can’t move so I opened all the presses that I thought he could get in. No sign of him. It was getting dark and I had planned to make the video in a good light, I stopped searching and did the video you are watching now. When the little cat didn’t show up after this I decided to call the neighbors. Maybe they saw him. I went upstairs and at the moment I pressed the doorbell I heard the sweet “meeeow” coming from behind the door. But no answer from any human. My friend has stairs in his apartment and yoga posters at the entrance doors, I have noticed that the ‘neighbor’s’ door had the same poster on them. At the end the door were leading to the same apartment but on the other floor! I run back in and climbed upstairs to open door and rescue little kitten from the trap. He was so happy and so hungry that he ate 2 dinners in a row.
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