I don’t often share my personal posts on here but this conversation has been happening all week with many of you!

So I’m dropping it here 👇🏻 because if any of the #8limbs of yoga were on your goals for 2021!!!
Roll out your mat log in and connect with one of us!
Private and group sessions are here for you!!!!

There’s been multiple times in my life when I’ve turned my back on my own set of goals or dreams! I’ll start next year or next month, usually on my own accord.

Lately though the world feels heavy and as though we are all on the edge of our seats! Maybe your feeling that heaviness as well, maybe you want to give up on your 2021 goals because the world feels at odds right now?

Well I am here to tell you no!

We all turn our back’s at some point on a situation, on ourselves and others. We step back or lose our way to commitments, goals and dreams. Now is not the time though!

This picture is an exact moment in my life when I was walking away! But now is not the time for that!

Now more than ever put yourself first, believe in you!

By giving your power to what is happening around you, you are allowing others to make a decision for you!

So don’t! Don’t give up, get back to the journey! It’s your dreams, your goals! Don’t let anyone take that from you.

Wake up tomorrow and start manifesting again, because the one thing I can tell you is we are all uncomfortable right now. No matter what side of the fence you sit on the discomfort is real.

By staying true to YOUR values, YOUR goals, the mantra or vision YOU have for you, you’ll feel more like YOU!

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