How To Perform Different Yoga Poses For Kids

There are different yoga poses for kids. Parents can learn them from a qualified yoga instructor and teach them to their kids. It becomes even more interesting when you do these poses with your kids. When you spend time with them and teach them yoga, kids will appreciate it and see it as fun. Practicing yoga should be fun to kids. Do not get hard on these kids. Just allow them to flow naturally. Give them enough space to play and express themselves. There are different types of poses you can teach them. Find out some of these poses and their benefits.

1. Lion pose

The lion pose is very useful to kids. It teaches kids how to identify as well as manage their emotions. By simply linking sounds and movement through the yoga practice, yoga poses for kids like the Lion can create something spectacular in kids. It can create the teaching of healthy anger outlets as well as help to limit emotional outbursts in them.

2. Down Dog

This is another unique pose. The Down Dog can simply be used to connect with others. You can allow kids to take their Down Dog’s for a ‘walk’ moving away from their mats and around the room, saying hello to other ‘Dogs’. Another option to carry out the Dog pose is in a group setting. Allow them to form a line of Down Dogs, making a tunnel like opening beneath their bodies. One at a time, have a kid come onto their belly for Caterpillar and inch-worm their way beneath the lifted Dog Poses.

3. Puppy Dog

This is another nice yoga pose. The Puppy Dog is a nice set up or release from the Down Dog pose. This pose can be used to create the deliver the strength to develop Down Dog Pose as well as give a softening release from it too. In the same way, it can be helpful in reviving up energy for Down Dog Pose.

4. Butterfly Pose

The Butterfly Pose is a special pose for kids. It delivers another yogic shape that can be used as a pose of connection. Kids can be allowed to create a circle in their mats, belly down, just less than arms distance apart. When the kids lift their arm, bellies connected to their mats, they can simply join their arms together and fly together! Another way is to have kids emerge from a Cocoon Pose onto their feet and explore ‘flying’ as butterflies to interact with each other around the room.

There are different types of yoga pose for kids. You can teach your kids together with their friends, or find a means for them to be fully involved in it at school. Yoga is perfect for kids and adults as well.

Source by James Fetisov

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