How to Do the Royal Court Exercise ‘Hindu’ Squats

Royal court Exercises?? What are those?

Well, the friends, these specific exercises are a more-or-less yoga looking bodyweight fitness regimen that involves 3 exercises namely: Hindu Squats, Hindu Push ups and Bridging (in 5/6 recommended positions).

They have been popularized by Matt Furey, a collegiate national wrestling champion (NCAA 2, 1985) and world Kung Fu Shuai-Chiao champion (Beijing, 1997) and even the R&B singer Usher reportedly uses them. I did actually see the clip of him doing the Hindu Push ups and Bridging on VH1 rock bodies.

Anyway, the reasons I am writing about them are simply because again they, upon observation, simply remind you of yoga and its principles.

In fact the bridging poses consists of the dolphin, (if you can) the Headstand, Back bridge and Wheel Poses in yoga, while the Hindu Push Ups are basically downward facing dog into Upward Facing dog with the Squats Being Mountain Pose meets the Yoga Squat. Let’s not forget the name attached “Hindu”!

That said, on days, when you want some variety maybe you want to do Yoga in the morning, Hindu Push ups at night or vice-versa and interchanged with the afore mentioned 5 Tibetan rites, provided below will be information on how to execute the exercises.

So here we go:

The Hindu Squats:

Folks, if you have been following my articles, one consistent feature would be that I draw from experiences and at times state what I may have gone through and how you can learn from it to either improve your workouts or avoid a given pitfall.

Now, the actual Hindu Squats that Matt Furey describes are (with no other way to say it) hard on, and dare I say, bad for the knees and thighs.

I’m sorry; they are just not worth the way he describes them.

You can Google “Matt Furey + Hindu Squats” and try the descriptions you find, but

all I can say is good luck! Oh, yes I have banged out 200 of these badboys no problem and that was after I had started slow and thought alright, I can do a lot of these I’m pretty fit.

Wrong: the effect of my knees were just not worth the exercise, however, the idea of squatting BEFORE the hindu push ups is a must-and I have tried what it’s like to go straight to hindu push ups, not a good idea!-so you NEED to squat.

So what squats do I do then?

For simplicity’s sake, I’ll call them Sumo Squats.

The idea is to simply have your hands on your waist, your body standing akimbo (not on your chest so there is space for you lungs to expand!) and feet about wide apart (I’ll say a little further apart than the opposite placed elbows)

-Now, take deep breath and arch you back slightly.

-Hold that position for a split second.

-Now lower your body, looking straight ahead and exhale. (coming from a yogic background, try to make this as silent as possible, the forceful exhalation some sites recommend for the squats are NOT needed and actually could be harmful to your mucus membranes…again, drawing from experience here folks!)

-Hold that Position for a split second.

Friends, this is a much safer alternative to the Hindu Squat, has the same effect on the internal organs and breathing and builds the lower body just as well in my humble opinion.

Start out Slowly with at least 10-20 as a beginner working all the way up to whatever number you will be safe with dividing in half, because you are going to doing half of your number of squats in Hindu push ups!

See you next article.

To Health,

Foras Aje

Source by Foras Aje

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