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Maintaining a SAFE practice is key to progressing in the practice!

How many feel like the left column?
Forwards folds, aka uttanasana, are seen in many yoga classes. It is commonly thought that in forward fold or any hamstring stretch that we must keep our legs straight to stretch our hamstrings however this is not the case. When we forward fold we are actually lengthening more than the hamstrings, we are lengthening the whole posterior chain.

Bending at the knees allows more ability to tilt the pelvis forward (less dumping in low back), creates efficient flexion at the hip and a long extension along the spine, ultimately bringing more length to the hamstrings with time. Follow these steps to find YOUR version of forward fold and to slowly and safely progress in your practice.

• Begin standing with feet hip width apart or big toes touching and heels slightly apart.
• Take a bend in the knees (as needed).
• Hinge at the hips and fold forward leading with the crown of the head, keeping the spine long.
• Hips line over the ankles as the inner thighs spin back.
• Upper outer arms wrap back.
• Keep active engagement of the hips, hamstrings and core as you lengthen – drawing the hips up towards the sky and belly towards the thighs.
• Head and neck align with spine as the gaze is towards the toes.
• Breathe

Uttanasana is a wonderful pose for decompressing the body and the mind ✨

Stay tuned for more asana breakdowns and info on Back to Basics Workshop!

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