Do you have a favorite area of the body to train? I’ve always enjoyed back exercises. Besides using dumbbells and weights, we can strengthen muscles in our yoga practices. Specifically, those cobra push ups to strengthen the back!

Day 2: We focus on the back, I’m doing cobra push ups. I synchronize the press with my breath… pressing up into cobra on an inhale. Initially with arms in front (seal) and then closer to my rib cage for a deeper bend. Include these push ups throughout your next practice and let me know if you feel anything the next day! Added in some legs for the fun of it 😜

January 7-11

Let’s combine our love of fitness and yoga! When we workout, we focus on different areas of the body…with targeted movements and exercises. Likewise, certain yoga poses can be repeated for a more power yoga workout! Join us every day as we explore the similarities between the two approaches to working out… share your videos of lifting weights or your yoga flow!

Lifting & Flowing Hosts

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Workout/Flow Line up
💪🏻DAY 1: CHEST DAY! Variation of pushups/ chatarungas

💪🏻DAY 2: BACK DAY! Rows with dumbbells, trx rope or anything/Cobra Push ups or Locust

DAY 3: ARM DAY! bicep/triceps/forearem/ Arm balance Flow

DAY 4: LEG DAY! Weighted squats or variations, Lunges / Goddess or Chair Squats

DAY 5: CORE DAY! Sit-ups or leg raise (variation) / boat pose-crunches, twists, your own fav hardcore movement

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