Day 8- #resolutionhandstand2021

Went for L shape as I am still learning to find the balance and this shape feels most accessible right now. I included clips from the last 8 days (best attempts) and although it doesn’t seem like a lot of improvement, I am starting to understand how the wrists are supposed to work in helping find that balance. Baby steps but so proud of myself for coming back to this every day (even if for just 10 minutes).

Also pretty sure today’s hold was the most stable one. 5 second holds are kinda the max since my brain starts getting confused on what to do once up there 🤷🏻‍♀️ thanks @forest_fairy_ @steph.flows @janvayy for giving me feedback based on these videos and letting me know what I can do to improve. Really appreciate all the help ❤️

Thanks to all the hosts for the drills and tips throughout. Learned a lot about how I can improve my practice. Thank you ❤️



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