Ukrainian Lifestyle

Speaking about modern Ukrainian customs and traditions it is necessary to stress that the Ukrainians are proud of their colorful folk culture. They love good food and drink and have a zest for life. Most Ukrainian middle-class and lower class urban families live in flat in multi-storied buildings; only rather rich people can afford to […]

Mother’s Day – Honouring Our Mums!

Mothers Day – an Ancient Celebration: Did you know that a long time ago ‘Mother Goddess’ was celebrated rather than mothers. Yearly ‘Mother Goddess’ festivals originated in Egypt and were popular in ancient Greece too where they became so wild with fun that they were eventually banned! A later incarnation in England fell on the […]

Yoga For Back Pain

The spinal or back pain refers to disorders and pains in the spine region, particularly in the waist region. This pain is commonly called lower backache. This pain could spread over to both sides of the waist and the hips. When the pain is acute, it makes the patient almost partially immobile. In more severe […]

Finding Flow

When we’re in flow, we’re in the zone, that beautiful place of creative expression. It’s typically accompanied with ease, grace, and a lost sense of time. Flow is place where new ideas sprout and grow. It’s where we feel energized and engaged in creative pursuit. In short, flow feels great. Who doesn’t want flow? But […]