Can Indigestion Be Improved With Yoga?

Indigestion, acidity, heartburn and constipation are common digestive disorders that can be the result of sluggish metabolism, improper eating habits, busy lifestyle or simply mental stress. Yoga strives to inculcate healthy living and dietary habits; it creates equilibrium of the body and mind. Its postures work out every organ, gland and muscle of the body, shape them up and provide cure from almost every illness. A series of asanas is beneficial for the digestive system too. It will take some regular performance, at least one week, for these postures to be effective but the reward will be enduring and permanent. Yoga must be performed on an empty stomach; after a heavy meal wait for four hours, after a light meal wait for two hours, and wait at least half an hour if you have taken a cup of tea or a glass of juice. It is also important to wear loose and light clothes so that your movements are not limited.

When you assume recommended yoga poses, they treat indigestion by confining the flow of blood to certain parts of the body, on release, oxygen enriched blood rushes to the digestive organs and the healing quality of oxygen enables them to perform accurately. Stretching and bending exercises elongate the abdominal area and make the discharge of gases from the body easy. Latent energy that is trapped inside the stomach and intestines causes various digestive problems; breathing exercise or Pranayama, through controlled breathing, set this energy free. After performing yoga you experience a soothing and calming of the body and mind, your worries and tensions become insignificant; this relaxes your digestive system enabling it to digest and eliminate efficiently.

Cobra, Hero, Reclining Bound Angle and an upright modification of Side Stretch poses are adopted to treat indigestion. In some of these asanas, entire weight of the body is exerted on the stomach; this tones and strengthens stomach muscles enabling them to digest food properly and then cleanse the body of waste material. All standing postures like Triangle and Revolve Triangle, Extended Side Angle, Warrior and Crescent Moon in a lunge position facilitate digestion. Most of the balancing leg positions are also of assistance in this malady.

Forward bends enlarge the abdominal region; they also heat the front part of the body and cool the back of the body. Twists also improve digestive process. Inversions are a complicated routine of yoga, but they are fundamental for inner harmony, general fitness and good absorption of food. Headstand and Shoulder Stand relieve the pressure of digestion by reversing the impact of gravity on the intestines and stomach. These positions should be maintained for a few minutes to reap optimum advantage. Even if your indigestion or other digestive disorders are chronic, you frequently suffer from them or you have been a patient for a long time, taking up yoga consistently and methodically will be a great help. Yoga will instill good eating habits; when you will eat fiber enriched-food like fresh vegetables and fruits, it will be an added advantage in digestion.

Source by Chris Ramos