Cakra Meditation For Personal Development

Cakras are wheel-like vortices within the body that spins and through which energy flows. They are energy centers that determine your health spiritually and physically. It is important therefore to ensure the health of the cakras to keep the energy flowing.

There are seven major cakras that you need to know about. Starting at the tail bone is the Root cakra. This energy center is responsible for your basic survival needs. When it is not in balance, you will feel insecure, unsafe and unhappy.

The second cakra above the Root cakra is the Sacral cakra, often called the sex center. It is located in the lower abdomen just under the navel. This energy center associates itself with issues of pleasure, sexuality and well-being. In cakra meditation techniques, this is where pro-creation begins.

The third cakra is the Solar Plexus cakra. It is at the upper abdomen on the stomach area. This energy center is responsible for your self-confidence and self-esteem issues.

The fourth cakra is the Heart cakra. As the name suggests, it deals with issues of love, passion, joy and healing. It is located right at the center of the chest. The heart is an important component for manifestation because the heart does not judge, unlike the mind.

The fifth cakra is the throat cakra. It is located right at the throat and deals with expression and communication. The throat is where a major portion of a person’s karma resides. Removing karma from the throat is a daily ritual if one is to succeed in life.

The sixth cakra is the Third Eye cakra and is located on the forehead between the two eyebrows. It deals with wisdom, imagination and decisions. The Third Eye is also where the pineal gland resides. The pineal gland is the window to the spirit world and where manifestation takes form.

The seventh cakra at the top of the head is called the Crown cakra and represents our connectivity with God or the universe. God’s energy, or the energy of the universe, enters and exits the body through this vortice.

Cakra meditation is the use of quantum sounds for each of the vortices. When the quantum sounds are pushed into each vortice with meditation, they spin faster and become stronger.

Starting at the Root cakra, the kundalini energy will rise through the spinal column and pushes itself out of the Crown cakra, the result of which you will become spiritual and will vibrate in higher frequencies.

What does this really mean? It means manifestation becomes easier and more common. When using cakra meditation techniques for personal development, one certainly has the advantage over the masses.

Source by Azmi Adnan

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