Are You Ignoring Yoga?

Yoga is often regarded as a method of exercise. However in reality yoga is a holistic journey of the body soul and mind. Some people take up yoga meditation as an effort to simplify their busy life. Yoga helps to calm the mind in an effort to find peace. Practice of Chakra Yoga removes blockages and renews energy all over the body. The breathing exercise and the meditation are known to be the best stress busters.

Regular practice of yoga will slowly open your mind and body. You will learn to breathe in the right manner and will have an increased confidence level.

A trained yoga instructor will teach you the postures or asanas to work all of your muscle groups. For this reason it is known as a full body workout. It encompasses cardiovascular fitness, leg strengthening, fat burning and balance inducing.

The overweight men and women are getting into shape and in general living longer. Yoga is great for those who have a recurring health issue. It is known to be very therapeutic and with your doctor’s advice can help you to achieve great results in remedying chronic illness or an old injury.

Yoga involves a lot of balancing and this develops body strength. The areas where you will notice more flexibility are your back, shoulders, hips and legs. Hence the sports people benefit from yoga practices.

As your arms, legs and stomach become stronger they also become more toned. This toned look will add definition to your body, making you feel sexier and attractive. Plus this will boost your self-confidence.

Right breathing techniques help Asthma sufferers. Deep breathing helps to increase lung capacity. Correct breathing procedures improve responses from central nervous systems. Concentration and learning power will improve and you will make better judgment. Your creativity will soar. Your financial situation, love life, family and working life will reflect betterment and a noticeable abundance in all good spheres of your life.

Yoga meditation has great health benefit and works towards disease management. Most medicines treat only the symptoms of the disease and not the underlined cause. It is here that Yoga therapy comes to our aid. Traditional yoga based on yoga philosophy, believes in a link between a human body, soul and mind. A full realization of this comes through breathing exercises and meditative concentrations.

The postures or asanas bring about equilibrium in the body formulating strength or flexibility. The physical practice of yoga is the gateway into a spiritual exploration.

Breathing is a must for life to continue. Most people do not know the importance of breathing properly. They breathe in very shallow breaths, which do not carry enough oxygen to entire body which in turn cause various medical conditions. Yoga breathing is the art of taking deep breathe to fill up all most the entire lungs and then to exhale slowly, all the time concentrating on the process. Each yoga pose and yoga breathing technique represents different aspects to be addressed in the healing and enhancement of the general health of the individual. By strengthening each body part including abdominal muscles and the area around and near the spinal cord better health is assured. Better health, in turn helps to enhance the inner self power and self-assurance with no tension and pressure. In short, the all around advantage is too great to ignore.

Source by Ann Bose

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