When: January 3- 10
Day 5-Spine

I’ve been reading @tonysanchezyoga – 84 Asanas: Level 1. One of the initial foundations that he talks about is physical balance. Left and right sides of body. Front and back sides of body. Top and bottom halves of body. I’ve been trying to come back to that in practice and also just throughout the day. Balance has always been a challenge for me. But, damn, I love backbends!

Left/right balance & front/back balance are pretty straight forward. But top/bottom- Well, here’s how I see it: Stand still and imagine your feet are driving into the ground. At the same time, your head is drawing up towards the sky. Power radiates in both directions from the abdominal area.

It not only helps with balance, but also with strength (you naturally tighten your abs), posture (you naturally straighten your spine) & flexibility.

In this posture, although my foot is not planted on the ground, I tried pushing the top of the foot into the ground, and directing power through the back toe behind me. It’s stabilizing.

And then, when bending back, imagine stretching through the top of the head and continue to push through your fingertips. And when you are back as far as you think you can go, stretch a tiny bit more from the abdomen in the direction of your fingers. Notice if it creates a little more space to bend the upper spine a little bit more.

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