The Legend Who Outdid Panini

India has pioneered the human quest for knowledge since aeons. Its soil has given birth to such great intellectuals as “Maharshi Vyasa” who reorganized the Vedas and composed the timeless epic of “Mahabharata” and the eighteen Puranas, a treasure of our cultural heritage, “Maharshi Patanjali” who gave the world a unique system of “Yoga” by […]

Luxury Tours in India Within Your Reach

Today, as India has become a globally famous destination for the holidays and vacations, this appeals the tourists and visitors from all over the world. India has a great opportunity for the tourism and excellent accommodation facilities. In India, the tourists and visitors can find many picturesque locations, scenes and destinations where you will definitely […]

If You Want to Know India, Read Swami Vivekananda

Rabindranath Tagore, the famous poet was awarded Nobel prize for literature in the year 1913. His work Gitanjali is a master piece. He was asked once as how could one understand India easily. He immediately said,” If you want to know India, study Vivekananda. In him, there is nothing negative, everything positive”. Swami Vivekananda’s inspirational […]

Thai Massage Versus Sports Massage – Which Is Better For Athletes?

Thai massage may be the ultimate sports massage. By understanding the world’s oldest medicine systems, we become better equipped to treat athletic conditions. Thai massage, also called Thai-Yoga, is rooted in the 7,000-year-old medicine system of Ayurveda. Although Ayurveda is ancient, the U.S. is just discovering its therapeutic riches. What is Thai massage? Thai massage […]

Yoga: Is It Good For Your Body, Mind, And Spirit?

Yoga is a gentle set of universal self-improvement exercises that enriches the practitioner’s body, mind, and spirit. The birth place of Yoga may be India, however it’s for everyone, irrespective of one’s religion, gender, income, nationality, language, age, politics, or educational level. Yoga is grounded in exercising, breathing, strengthening, meditating, relaxing and renewing of the […]

How To Absorb Universal Energy

Absorption of Universal energy to aid manifestation has been the forte of many mystics down the ages. Here, I share a three-fold technique that has worked for me and some honourable mystics I know. The tools needed to get the best out of this practice are concentration, imagination and ‘Will Power’. If you ardently practised […]