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Starting Off With Free Yoga Poses

There are many people who might be considering taking up yoga but who may not wish to invest in a class. Not everyone who has never done any yoga in their lifetime is convinced of its effectiveness and it can be difficult to shell out the money just for a trial. Some may feel that they are after a more vigorous workout while others may be a little embarrassed by the idea of trying out a new form of exercise amongst a group of strangers. As such, you may wish to try out a few of the positions on your own before committing yourself fully. There’s nothing wrong with that and free yoga poses can be just the answer that you’re looking for.

There are many reasons why free yoga poses would be made available to the public. There are those who have gotten great joy from practicing yoga and wish to share their experiences with others. In some cases, yoga studios may wish to showcase their expertise and teaching methods by going through certain postures step by step online. Whatever the reason free yoga poses are great resources that should not be allowed to go to waste.

If you do have a curiosity about yoga as a way of regaining, increasing or maintaining your fitness levels, free yoga poses are the best way to acclimatize yourself to the process. These postures can be made available to the general audience DVDs, books or even small clips on the internet. The free yoga poses provided are usually the most basic and easiest of the postures, and would be amongst the first that an instructor would teach if you were in a face to face yoga class.

The fact that these typically belong in the beginner category allows the prospective student to start practicing on his own and to test the waters before joining a yoga class full-time. These postures may include the meditation postures like Padmasana (Lotus Posture), Ardha-Padmasana (Half-Lotus Posture), Vajrasana (Thunderbolt posture). Also popular are:

o Shashankasana (Rabbit Posture),

o Singhasana (Lion Posture),

o Ardha-Matsyendrasana (the half spinal twist),

o Chakrasana (the Wheel Posture)

o Gomukhasana (Cow Face Posture)

o Dhanurasana (the Bow Posture).

Once the asanas are practiced regularly, it is possible to start benefiting from the effects they have on the body and mind. These include a clearer mind, greater alertness, heightened agility, improved digestion, and better emotional health. Some people feel that the benefits accrued from simply practicing any poses at home are enough to help them reach their fitness goals, while others feel that expert instruction is needed to advance to the next level. Some rare individuals may even choose to give up yoga altogether in favor of some other exercise method.

While exercising, always remember to stay within your limits. A good session of yoga should leave you feeling calm with loose and relaxed muscles, ready to proceed to the next stage of your day. If you are in pain, overly tired or feeling stiff after a workout, then you may need to choose postures with a lower difficulty level or cut down the length of time you stay in one position.

Practicing yoga should ideally be done under the guidance of an instructor, to prevent injuries through wrong muscle movements, and to maximize the benefit you can get from a particular posture. This is why although certain more complex positions such as Mayurasana (Peacock posture) and Sheershasana (Head Posture) may be made available as free yoga poses it is not wise to attempt them without considerable experience and expert guidance.

Source by Sherry Holistan

Variante di Anjaneyasana. (English below) Posa della Luna Crescente . È una ret…

Variante di Anjaneyasana. (English below) Posa della Luna Crescente 🌛. È una retroflessione intensa, che prevede l’utilizzo del muscoli addominali per la stabilità, l’allungamento intenso degli adduttori e del muscolo ileopsoas (molto utile per chi trascorre molte ore seduto) e richiede un’elevata flessibilità del collo del piede; massaggia i reni e il fegato ed aiuta ad aprire il ♥️
Come tutti i piegamenti indietro dona energia di tipo solare, un’ergia attivante, maschile, riscaldante.
Anjaneyasana variation. It’s an intense retroflexion, which involves the use of the abdominal muscles for stability, the intense elongation of the adductors and ileopsoas muscle and requires high flexibility of the instep. It massages the kidneys and liver and helps opening the ♥.
Like all back bends, it gives solar energy, an activating, masculine, warming energy. Excellent for working on the front muscles of the leg which are stretched in this way, excellent for those who spend many hours sitting after an adequate warm-up and preparation for this pose.



COVID-19 Frontline Workers: Strategies for Staying Emotionally Healthy

To date worldwide, there have been more than 3 million people infected with COVID-19, over two hundred thousand deaths and millions of others who have been impacted financially, and emotionally. Our frontline workers are tasked with continuing to go to work to provide for our public health needs and safety. During this unprecedented pandemic, frontline workers and healthcare staff are trying to take care for their patients and the general public while also coping with their own physical exhaustion, stress, worry and anxiety. Below are a few tips, strategies and mental health resources for staying emotionally healthy.


EAT REGULARLY- With an increased workload, variable work schedules, and psychological fatigue, it is very easy to skip a meal. Sometimes you may be too tired to cook, instead preferring to catch up on your sleep. If you don’t have time or energy to cook, consider meal prepping, buying a healthy takeout meal, or choosing healthy frozen meal options. Although takeout and frozen foods may not be your top choice, it may be a better alternative to skipping meals or eating unhealthy snacks.

GET MOVING!- Even if you can’t go to the gym or participate in a sport with your exercise buddies, consider engaging in a physical activity at home like yoga, stretching, push ups, hand weights or work out videos.

MEDICATIONS- Don’t forget to take your medications if prescribed. Set reminder alarms or stick up post it notes so that you don’t miss any doses.


Don’t forget to self-assess daily! How are you coping with your stress? Are you feeling more detached or shut down? Are you more irritable or easily annoyed? Have you started to self-isolate, or are not answering calls or texts? Do you feel overwhelmed or a loss of control? Are you crying or feeling down? If you are experiencing any of the above, do not hesitate to talk to someone and get help.


Step back and breathe. Depending on job demands, it may be very difficult to stop and hit the reset button. However, being able to unplug temporarily is important to allow both your body and mind to recharge. Try not to constantly talk about work during your breaks or at lunch. When at home fully focus on your family and participate in bonding activities to help rejuvenate your mind and spirit. Consider engaging in meditation, spiritual, or religious activities depending on your beliefs.


Although you may be coping okay, that is not to say that your fellow coworkers are handling their stressors effectively. Look around you! As you walk through the hallway, pass an open office door, or chat in the staff lounge, look closely. Be on the lookout for any unexpected negative changes in appearance, hygiene, attitude, or mood with your coworkers. Consider doing a quick buddy check, by asking them how they are doing. Even if they may not open up at the time, remind them that help and resources are available.


Employers are encouraged to provide information to their staff on available resources including employee assistance programs, mental health providers and financial support. Consider highlighting available resources through continuous reminders on the company’s webpage, weekly emails, Facebook postings, or informational bulletin boards.


Although it is important to get help, doing so still has sociological and cultural stigmas attached. Everyone can do their part in normalizing seeking mental health assistance. As a society we don’t think twice when a person talks about going to their medical doctor for a medical issues. However, we all must be mindful in how we respond or comment when a person voices being stressed, overwhelmed or having problems coping. Let’s make sure we aren’t ridiculing, using negative language, gossiping, or minimizing the person’s difficulties. Instead, be that voice of encouragement and empowerment!



• National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

• The Crisis Text Line: Text TALK to 741741

• NAMI Helpline: 1-800-950-NAMI (1-800-950-6264)

• Disaster Distress Helpline: 1-800-985-5990

• Dial 211- visit if you need assistance finding food, paying housing bills accessing free childcare or other essential services.

• Military OneSource: Provides materials and information on programs for military parents.

Phone Numbers:

Toll-Free: 1-800-342-9647

En español llame al: 1-800-342-9647

TTY/TTD: Dial 711 and give the toll-free number 1-800-342-9647

• Veterans Crisis Line (VA): Call 800-273-8255 or text 838255

• DoD/VA Suicide Outreach:

• Live AA/NA online meetings


Moving Forward App

Life Armor app

Breathe2Relax app

Headspace (meditation app)

Insight Timer App

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Source by Felecia Sheffield PhD

#yogaconvalechallenge PRIMO GIORNO Utkata Konasana • posizione della dea La pri…

Utkata Konasana • posizione della dea

La prima foto rappresenta la posa finale.
Se senti fatica, rimani nella posizione base, rappresentata nella seconda foto.
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6 giorni, 6 posizioni:
1. Utkata Konasana, posizione della dea
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4. Adho muka svanasana, posizione del cane a faccia in giù
5. Padmasana, posizione del loto
6. Ustrasana, posizione del cammello

Ogni giorno pubblicherò una foto della posizione con un minivideo di spiegazione.

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Generation X, The Next Client for the Personal Trainer

The next generation that is starting to reach that magic age of 40 years is occurring with Generation X. These individuals have been in the workforce for a good number of years, have families and are in the midst of developing large amounts of cash reserves. This also is the age when they need to take action or the road can be daunting when it comes to their health and fitness. This generation has always been active in their younger years, but it can be really easy to get lazy and this generation knows the benefits of health, fitness and wellness, so it should be easy to motivate them.

This generation also knows the advantages of joining a fitness club, playing in sports leagues and hiring a personal trainer to keep their fitness at peak levels. For the personal training industry, a large portion of their clients will be baby boomers, but the generation X individuals will want to be pushed continually to get better.

There have been a lot of programs that are now being geared towards attracting this clientele which include popular fitness programs such as: HITT training, Cross Fit, Zumba, Power Yoga, and ultra endurance activities. These is the generation that likes to make things happen and are consider the doers, so it will not be challenging for personal trainers, physicians and the health industry to keep these folks active. Even though there will be their fair share of obese individuals in this category, most of them will start turning to personal trainers and fitness experts to get them back into shape like they used to be. This will include women who want to lose their pregnancy weight, business owners, entrepreneurs, and men or women who were in college for a long time (such as doctors), and now need to get back into shape because of their demanding jobs and.

Regardless of the profession, generations X individuals are going to represent a large part of personal trainer’s client list right after baby boomers. Both generations are technology savvy and this is going to be a huge advantage for them. They will be able to communicate with their fitness professionals via the web, look up different health recipes or have an application on their smart phone that will keep them on track when it comes to calculating their calories, fitness routines or staying accountable. It is going to be exciting on what this generation will accomplish, but also see how this client maintains their health and fitness in the future.

Source by Kisar Dhillon

The most important pieces of equipment you need for doing yoga are your body and…

The most important pieces of equipment you need for doing yoga are your body and your mind!

What other equipment do you use?

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Ways To Fight A Cold – Improve Immune System – By Ancient Mindfulness Meditation

Does it drive you bananas how each time we ring in a New Year it brings all these new “health and fitness crazes” to the internet? We always hear something like, “Improve your immune system, ways to fight a cold or prevent the flu is the NEW answer to all your health problems!”

In all honesty, please!

When I quit watching soap operas, I stopped following fads LONG ago.

Chasing fads will leave you confused… and broke.

I recently came across some shocking… and intriguing research. And it truly is revolutionary.

Here it is:

The ancient art of how to practice the power of reflection through mindfulness meditation… is like a UNIVERSAL POWER MULTIPLIER when it comes to battling your health problems and improve immune system.

Even from ways to fight a cold and to what helps morning sickness, and as well is a great problem solving method.

In other words… how to learn mindfulness mediation through reflection principles… literally MULTIPLIES the effectiveness of every single action you’re taking… to improve immune system.

Sounds too good to be true?

It kind of makes sense.

It’s no secret the connection between mind and body for how to improve immune system is extremely powerful.

If you’re like me… the thought of mastering serious mindfulness meditation practices to improve immune system and other health issues is just plain overwhelming!

You don’t have to worry about this method taking years of study and practice to master these power of reflection principles.

This breakthrough in thought is changing everything.

What if to MASSIVELY improve immune system and other health issues was as simple as putting on a headset, yes, I mean, a pair of headphones… and only for a few minutes each day while you sink into meditation?

In a prior session I discussed more on how you may come to improve your life in an instant by your power of choice.

I got ta tell you… at first, I was intrigued when I considered my choices for enhanced health.

I mean, especially when it comes to improve immune system and preventing or battling anxiety, depression, stress, and common everyday human pain.

I know of a young woman who uses this practice as a method for what helps morning sickness in her early stages of pregnancy.

Now I’m in love with this for ways to fight a cold, too!

I’m getting results even in my writing projects I never thought possible… in just a few minutes a day.

I’ve always believed in mind over body thinking, and is why I so often quote principles and lessons from the Course in Miracles, to help you think a bit deeper.

I’m always open-minded when it comes to hearing about new strategies and practices for enhancing, or ‘awakening,’ we may say, the inner self.

The Course in Miracles gives us a lesson saying that, “Your inner divine Self teaches you the difference between pain and joy, which is the same as saying the difference between imprisonment and freedom.”

It’s no surprise to me why I am so enthused.

If you’ve ever felt chained to problems needing to be solved or just getting out of a rut, or feeling trapped in life, this could perhaps help you, too.

If you’ve struggled with a specific area of your health… improve immune system, and were DESPERATE to solve it… you owe it to yourself to MULTIPLY the impact of your efforts through Universal Intellect.

Deep down within you in an endless arena of your inner Reality rests your mind power secrets for success that you must awaken.

Best thing?

It won’t take years or months to improve immune system and manifest the health you’ve been dreaming of.

And it all starts by learning to go within, and if you’ve spent any money at all trying to improve your health… doctor visits, prescriptions, supplements, pills, strange foods… even a fad or two…

You owe it to yourself to learn more about the benefits of going within yourself to solve problems.

While every BODY is different, your BODY is HUGELY impacted by your mind.

(There’s a lot of helpful material available on Getting out of a Rut Free and how to move on in life, and you just need to take some time to do some checking.)

To your overall health and well-being!

Source by James Nussbaumer