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Yoga Teacher Certification Completed – 5 Tips on How To Get Started Without Experience

So now the time has come, you’ve been practicing Yoga for a while now and you feel ready to take on the responsibility of leading regular yoga instruction and help those who would like to regularly practice and take their efforts to the next level, plus increase their knowledge about many of the more detailed aspects of yoga and practice.

Obviously, during yoga teacher certification you progressively become more confident, you also pick up a little more about the philosophy of yoga and the science of the human anatomy and alignment issues that would not normally be covered during basic Yoga class.

Below I share 5 valuable tips to help you better prospects as a Yoga instructor.

1. You’ve got to get experience somewhere, so why not go and talk to some of the gyms in your local area that cater for Yoga classes, and not forgetting the workout studios and of course there is the YMCA/YWCA. Alternatively, you can find a community college and hold classes on your own. You can try out some churches, and there will be individuals who would require training in private class that would be held at time more suited to them and could either take place in their own home or possibly your own. (That’s if you wanted to.)

2. Network with other local Yoga instructors and ask them how they got started, I’m sure they could provide valuable points that can lead you a useful direction.

3. You can expand on your experience by become an assistant trainer at your local gym, so for a time being you can assist and gain very valuable experience by just watching and DOING. I can’t emphasize the last part enough. Its down to the 80/20 principle you’ll learn 80% of your experience by gathering the training work that makes up the 20%.

4. If work as independent Yoga instructor is your goal then consider that you will have to put in long hours, sometimes including nights and weekends, are common, and employment is expected to be much faster than the average, and as Yoga is consider as health care your prospect are good, though do expect increase in competition as it is expected, but don’t let this put you off, the best way forward is to be organized and disciplined and provide the very best service you can.

5. Consider the training environment as your schedules could have a work time setting generally about 40 to 50 hours per week-with nights and weekends off. You may spend part of your time in other locations such as community colleges, YMCA, or clients home or you own studio. So you may be out of outreach to other would be clients so its a good idea to keep your schedule varied.

In Summary

Assisting of others with your skills and knowledge as yoga instructor can be a very rewarding experience, in the difference it makes to your students will make for amazing changes and not just for your students but for yourself too. Though certification is not essential to train – yet training is essential in able to help your students find their path. In return your students will give you respect and courtesy because of your respect for them…Yoga is guidance for a more positive path in life, and following these 5 tips can lead to a more prosperous one too.

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