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Different Types of Yoga For Different Needs

When people are trying something different for a short period of time they tend to come up with all kinds of excuses for stopping the routine. With yoga people like to say they did not care for it even though they only tried it one time. Then there is the typical, "flexibility and my body did not work well together." The best excuse used is they quit exercising because yoga hurt their body. If you are not use to exercise then of course the body is going to hurt until it becomes use to it.

Over a thousand years ago in the country India yoga was born. When the exercises were first practiced it is amazing to see how flexible the people were back then and how they could bend their bodies. Over the years as the bodies were not working the same they became less flexible and the lifestyles became more demanding. This is why the yoga ritual has changed some over the years so more people could enjoy the benefits of it.

The West first started seeing yoga appear around 100 years ago. As the exercises became more poplar then there were some things added to the traditional way of exercising with yoga.

There are a variety of different styles in yoga but, here are some that are used by many today:

Styles of Yoga: From spiritual to completely physical there is yoga for everyone to enjoy. Yoga can be hard for a variety of people since there are some exercises that are challenging aerobically that even the fittest people have a hard time doing the exercises. Another reason someone might call it quits is because they become bored with the meditative and slow techniques.

Styles for Teaching: When joining yoga class there may be an instructor in the front of the room that is demonstrating the different techniques. As the instructor is showing the moves the class is expected to follow along. Then there are some instructors that will show how to do the technique then walk around and help anyone that is having difficulties. Finally there are even instructors that will just tell the steps for doing the exercise and the class is expected to do their best.

Expertise of Instructors: There are two different kinds of instructors here. There is the one that was taught and can actually do the poses so they share with the class. Then there are instructors that just know how to do the different poses and were not taught by anyone.

Instructors Training: The majority of instructors have taken a class where they are taught how to do the poses. It could be a class that just lies for a weekend or it could be one that lasts for several months. Usually the instructor only learns one type of yoga and that is what is actually taught.

Before starting any classes it is best to see which age group the class is focusing on. It just would not benefit an athlete to take classes that are for middle age and visa versa.

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