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Top 10 Yoga DVDs of all time

Shiva Rea: Fluid Power - Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Top 10 Yoga DVDs of all time

Yoga is the way to relax the body, mind and soul. It helps to relieve the stress and soothe the mind with its healing power. Yoga enhances the restraint power in human mind and body with which one can easily combat all the tensions and worries of the modern life style. Here music plays a very important role as adding some music into yoga practices can do the magical trick. Yoga music with its calm and serene sounds fills up the air with pristine tranquility ensuring better result.

Play the favorite Meditation music while doing Yoga or meditation and experience the difference. It can be spiritual music, instrumental tunes or holy chants that build the different forms of Yoga music. Here is our list of top 10 Yoga DVDs of all time.

1. Yoga Shakti by Shiva Rea

A great gift from the internationally praised Yoga instructor Shiva Rea for the Yoga practitioners. It is an instructional yoga video exploring Movement Meditation, Prana Yoga, Kriyas & Namaskars, Cooling Down and Closing Meditation. Filmed on the serene lands of India and Maldives, it is the most favorite DVD for its awesome soundtrack of traditional Indian music and contemporary tunes.

Yoga Shakti DVD
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2. Kundalini Yoga by Gurmukh

This DVD delivers superb instruction on Kundalini Yoga, the ancient practice of awakening the spiritual sense lying within, by the renowned Yoga instructor Gurmukh. This DVD has energizing series of exercises for awakening the spirit or breath in the beginning and meditative relaxation exercises at the end. Aerobics exercises are also included to compliment Yoga.

Kundalini Yoga With Gurmukh DVD
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3. Ashtanga Yoga the practice 2nd & 3rd Series by David Swenson

It is for those who are already skilled in the First series by David Swenson, the renowned Yoga teacher. But without taking proper guidance from a Yoga instructor, this DVD should not be used as the self-help tool of learning. These 2 series have a complete finishing sequence following the First one and the way of pure meditative deep relaxation.

Ashtanga Yoga: The Practice, 2nd & 3rd Series DVD
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4. Ashtanga Yoga Beginners Practice by Nicki Doane

This DVD is truly made for the Ashtanga Yoga beginners. This introductory series offers admirable presentation of standing postures by famous Yoga instructor Nicki Doane. The vigorous postures of Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar, clear instructions on breathing techniques and yoga poses make it one of the most favorite Yoga DVDs of all time.

Ashtanga Yoga Beginner's Practice DVD
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5. Fluid Power Vinyasa Yoga by Shiva Rea

Another superb Yoga DVD from the inspiring Yoga instructor Shiva Rea. This is a brilliant introduction to Vinyasa Yoga or Flow yoga, one of the most helpful and appreciated form of yoga. Her original style of ‘Yoga Matrix’ will be helpful for customized yoga practicing. This high definition DVD has been filmed at White Sands National Park.

Shiva Rea: Fluid Power - Vinyasa Flow Yoga
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6. AM PM Yoga with Rodney Yee

A simple and concise introduction to gentle and energizing workout by internationally acclaimed Yoga teacher Rodney Yee for the beginners. From sunrise to sunset combat daily stresses of life with this Yoga DVD.

A.M. and P.M. Yoga DVD
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7. Kundalini Yoga for Balanced Chakras by Guru Tej

Stimulate the crucial chakras of your body’s energy centers by practicing Kundalini Yoga with this DVD. It is a vigorous and dynamic class to learn sixteen asanas with famous instructor, Gurutej Kaur. The pure spiritual chants and moving exercises will help you to energize the Kundalini power flowing evenly in the whole body.

Kundalini Yoga for Balanced Chakras DVD
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8. Ashtanga Yoga the Primary Series with Richard Freeman

Richard Freeman, the eminent yoga  instructor, will teach you the primary poses of Ashtanga Yoga in this series suitable for practitioners of all levels. The Ashatanga styles and postures harmonized with breathing techniques is demonstrated by this famous teacher. This DVD can be termed as the foundation for Ashtanga practice.

Ashtanga Yoga: The Primary Series DVD
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9. Awakening Intuition for Women with Kundalini Yoga by Guru Tej

Guru Tej Kaur teaches all women the Kundalini yoga techniques to redefine the power of intuitive living by yogi bhajans. You can acquire the knowledge and strength by practicing the yoga poses demonstrated in this DVD.

Gurutej: Kundalini Yoga Awakening Intuition For Women
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10. An Introduction to Kundalini Yoga and Chanting with Mantra Girl

Filmed in the serene lands of Malibu and California, this comprehensive Kundalini yoga class video by Mantra Girl is the best option for all beginners. It helps to increase the strength and flexibility of your body. The meditation music from her own album will help to stay relaxed and more focussed.

Mantra Girl Presents - An Introduction to Kundalini Yoga and Chanting
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What’s Hot Now: The 30 Day Hot Yoga Challenge

hot yoga asana

What Makes Hot Yoga So Cool?

Hot Yoga, also called Bikram Yoga, is based on a sequence of yoga poses popularized by Bikram Choudhury of India and brought to the US in the early 1970s. In this invigorating yoga class, the room is heated to over 100 degrees to allow the body to move deeper into postures, with less possibility for injury. The yoga sequence is carefully chosen from among the many poses and their variations that belong to the 5000 year old yoga lineage of India.

These yoga poses are derived from traditional hatha yoga postures, known as “asanas.” What makes Hot Yoga different is the sweat and even tears it has been known to evoke from practitioners…and the huge files of anecdotal evidence of healing in all yoga

The Legend of Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is both aerobic and relaxing. It works on creating both core body solidity and loose flexible muscles. It is both challenging and calming all at once.

The legendary figure of hot yoga is Bikram Choudury, a yoga Champion and award winning body builder, who accidentally dropped barbels on his legs during one competition and was told by his doctors that he would not walk again.

This yoga was actually developed for Bikram by his Guru, Bishnu Ghosh, who created the sequence and set the heat and humidity specifically to heal Bikram. Needless to say, today Bikram is not just walking – he is strutting, the picture of youth at well over 60 years old. Bikram is the flamboyant yoga Guru who is anything but shy about the miracles of this yoga.

The yoga postures use proper alignment and holding of the poses for particular time periods to create a “tourniquet” effect, a damming up of blood and bodily fluids followed by a release and rush of those fluids through particular body parts. The series works against gravity to strengthen the bones, and is actually said to work every muscle, bone, system, and cell of the body from bones to skin, in just 90 minutes,

A Faster Route To Healing Benefits

If you want to be on the fast track, consider the 30 Day Hot Yoga Challenge which entails 30 consecutive days of consistent practice.

Thousands worldwide have taken on the 30 Day Hot Yoga Challenge. Many talk and blog openly about the healing they personally experienced. Migraines are cured. Lupus is under control. Sciatica magically disappeared. Back pain is eased. Bum knees are healed. Eyesight is reported to be improved. Sex drive has increased (this may have something to do with the skimpy outfits, sweaty bodies, and bending in hot yoga class).

No western medical doctor will confirm hot 26 yoga as a cure, and the advice often offered before each hot yoga class is to leave your complaints, excuses and ailments at the front door and enter the yoga room with an open mind.

30 Day Challenge: A Personal Story

hot yoga asanaAfter practicing hot yoga myself for over 15 years, I embarked on my first 30 Day Challenge in April.

This is a day-by-day commitment you must remake daily, as the first thing that happens for most is that all the excuses to not continue start to come to mind. I am always too busy. I can always be doing something more productive. I have too much work and too little time. I am tired. And I am not sick; I don’t have any ailments to heal or broken body parts to mend. I won’t get any of those miraculous healing – so what’s the point really?

Thousands of others have done this 30 Day Hot Yoga Challenge and have reported the following:

Deeper, more regular sleep

Clear complexion, softer hair and skin

Way more flexibility and mobility of joints

Weight loss

Changes in weight distribution – tighter abs and thighs, more shapely arms, smaller waistline

Healthier diet – sugar cravings gone, and healthy foods preferred – fruits, vegetables and grains,

What I learned from my 30 Day Hot Yoga Challenge

Regardless of the fact that I had “nothing to heal,” my 30 Day Challenge has made an impact on my life. I discovered a great many things about myself, including:

I can tolerate discomfort: outside circumstances can change; heat and humidity may rise, but I can still remain calm, and even find inspiration to exceed all known limitations. It is always my choice.

Breathing is key: steady breathing through the nose passing breath through the throat feeds a steady mind and a high- functioning nervous system as well as an optimal physical body

Laser Beam Focus is available to me – Learning to focus intensely on the listening and doing the yoga poses without letting my mind wander in hot yoga is excellent training for mental focus outside the yoga room and into the world of work and play

Multi-tasking is counterproductive: Focusing one thing at a time gets the job done faster, and better

The more I focus, the more time expands: You don’t have to find additional time to practice the 90 minutes daily; time seems to expand the more you practice, as you are more efficient with the time you do have – and you get more done

Challenges are training for life: You can find a way beyond perceived limitations by challenging yourself physically or sitting in meditation; both get you to the same place. Commitment is mandatory.

Physical and Mental Strength are one – Hot 26 yoga combines mind and body by fully engaging both at the same time; you cannot close your eyes and practice hot yoga, you must stay in the room, and keep your mind present and focused or the poses won’t work

Physical balance equals emotional balance: Internal balance and calm can be gained by balancing the external body.

Distractions can be tuned out – The world is filled with distractions. Even in the yoga room, there are noises, movements and distractions; Focusing on your goal is the way to tune out the extraneous.

Heat Training is Great for Athletes

“Heat training” has long been considered a great way to increase aerobic capacity. For runners, as time spent in temperatures hotter than race day will benefit any athlete. Many athletes consider Hot 26 Yoga another cross-training option to elevate the heart rate and condition the neuromuscular system, and condition the mind for a focused goal.

90 Minute Exercise or 90 Minute Meditation?

In the end, I did it because I said I would. Keeping my word to myself is in itself a miracle.

Hot 26 Yoga is appropriate for beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners; you do not have to be physically fit to participate and there are studios all over the world that offer this practice.

After doing the 30 Day Hot Yoga Challenge, it’s easy to see why it is said that Hot Yoga is a 90 minute meditation while performing 26 postures in a heated room. There is often no ambivalence about the experience – you either love hot yoga or hate it. But even those who say they “hate it” continue to practice hot yoga, as it often makes them better athletes, more comfortable in their own bodies, and better able to become the person each wants to be.

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Hot yoga benefits

Bikram yoga dvd

Benefits of Hot Yoga

The individuals who are committed to the practice say hot yoga, or bikram yoga,  has a wide range of advantages. The hot yoga benefit that is touted frequently is detoxification, substantial sweating is said to flush poisons from the skin. The warmth additionally permits you to go somewhat more profoundly and securely into the stances, says Joanna Thurlow, the proprietor of Moksha Yoga Halifax, so you know you’re truly warming up the muscles and you can truly approach the stances from a protected spot. hot yoga benefits
By Lambert, executive of Tula Yoga Spa in Toronto, working in a warmed room additionally hoists the heart rate, which makes the body work harder.It’s truly for individuals who need a more exceptional workout, the individuals who need to create quality, adaptability and tone alongside a cardiovascular workout. Other hot yoga benefits from working out in warmth offers the body some assistance with relaxing, enhances breathing (which helps conditions like asthma) and centers the psyche, which grows better mental focus.

Hot yoga styles

Like with “standard” yoga, hot yoga comes in a wide range of various styles. Bikram yoga, which is drilled at confirmed studios right the nation over and the world, is still viewed as the first incarnation of the structure. Those classes take after a set succession of 26 stances and spotlight on continuance. Moksha Yoga was established by two yogis from Toronto who needed to incorporate a natural part to their hot yoga hone. All Moksha studios, found crosswise over Canada and the United States, stick to “green” standards, joining things like vitality proficient warming and supportable ground surface. Others, similar to Lambert, educate their own particular adaptations of hot yoga, in classes such as hot force stream.

hot yoga dvd

Step by step instructions to get ready for hot yoga

The way to getting the most out of hot yoga is to go in prepared. You must be super mindful of your own wellbeing, says Thurlow. She says it’s imperative to be very much hydrated before taking a hot yoga class, and prescribes drinking liters and liters of water for the duration of the day in foresight. Thurlow suggests not eating a lot before a class, and
recharging lost minerals and electrolytes with a braced drink subsequently, for example, Gatorade, Emergen-C or coconut water. What’s more, both Thurlow and Lambert push that since yoga isn’t aggressive, everybody ought to take a class at their own pace. On the off chance that you feel peculiar, you enjoy a reprieve, says Thurlow. There,s no personality in yoga, so you simply do what you’re able to do.

Some varnings about hot yoga

Be that as it may, a few, similar to Halifax-based naturopathic specialist Sandra Murphy, respect hot yoga carefully. There’s a shot of getting harmed, she says, refering to ill-advised supervision and a propensity to over-stretch in the warmth. You could be going past your end point, since you’re losing the capacity to know where your edge is… so you’re misleadingly extending the muscle. Murphy, who is an enormous advocate of infrared sauna-treatment for detoxification purposes, and who promptly suggests consistent yoga as a type of activity, says she basically doesn’t trust the two ought to essentially go as an inseparable unit. She includes that even in India, yoga would have generally been rehearsed in the early morning, to stay away from the extraordinary warmth of the day. I simply don’t believe it’s sheltered, says Murphy.Benefits of hot yoga

In spite of the fact that Lambert says she’s never seen anybody experience the ill effects of warmth stroke in a class, she advises individuals who endure heart issues to counsel with a specialist before endeavoring any sort of hot yoga class. She additionally recommends that ladies ought not hone hot yoga when pregnant. Individuals with high or low pulse are encouraged to attempt a less demanding structure, and to confine the measure of time they spend in the warmth. In any case, for the most part, she says hot yoga is sheltered and tender for everybody from youngsters to seniors. That is one of the advantages, she says, it’s is all the more difficult and extreme, yet everybody can get something from it.


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Nude Pilates And Nude Exercising Isn’t For Everyone But The Au-Natural Workout Is Gaining Popularity

Nude exercises. Nude Pilates. Nude Yoga. Drop your inhibitions at the door. Exercising in the buff is becoming a trend!

With who?

While researching this article, I’m fascinated, no…shocked, at how many forums there are for nude exercises. Now, I’m no prude. I’m merely curious.

Here are a few descriptions I’ve read on the forums of people describing their au-natural workouts. Uninhibited. Ok…obviously. Freeing. That comes up a lot. Productive. Productive? Let’s explore that one.

When exercising in your birthday suit, there is nothing to hide. When doing Pilates nude exercises, this means even more. Pilates is a detail oriented exercise method with great attention paid to your form. How better to see your form than to do naked Pilates! You can’t possibly cheat. Your belly will be in. Your shoulders will be down. Your bottom is going to be engaged. Yes, your workout will be more productive.

Does this mean your local Pilates studio is going to start offering nude Pilates classes? Probably not. My Pilates studio won’t mainly because no one would come. I live in New England. We cover up most everything around here.

I think most people are practicing their nude workouts in the privacy of their own home or at a nudist camp. Is it safe to exercise naked? I have to believe that most exercising can be done nude, however, watch out for those high impact exercises. Breasts and testicles need a little extra support, thank you.

What about the cleanliness factor of exercising naked? What boil producing germs are going to be getting into places where they shouldn’t be? Even the cleanest Pilates equipment may carry a certain amount of germs. This thought definitely has a kind of yuck factor.

Ok…let’s spin this subject a bit. What is the naked truth about Pilates? What are some myths?

Myth: Pilates is just for women.

Naked Truth: No way! Joseph Pilates was a man. Men need strength training, flexibility and balance too.

Myth: Pilates is like Yoga.

Naked Truth: No way! Yoga is Yoga. Pilates is Pilates. There is some cross-referencing. Breathing, stretching and focus are part of both modalities, but the similarities stop there.

Myth: Pilates is too hard to master.

Naked Truth: No way! You have to start somewhere and beginners benefit from Pilates as much as seasoned professionals. Start with the basics even if you are fit. Remember: You must build a strong foundation before you build a house!

Whether nude exercises are your thing or not, give Pilates a try. With or without your clothes on, Pilates is a great choice.

Susannah Marchese is a certified Pilates fitness instructor and a senior contributing writer to

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Public Speaking – Example of a Persuasive Speech Outline to Sway the Audience’s Opinion

You may want to persuade an audience to DO something, or you may want to prove to them that something is TRUE. But, there may times when you want to sway your audience to your point of VIEW, that a choice is desirable or is better than other options. To organize such a talk (sometimes called the “Value” method), you still have the three parts of a speech – the intro, body, and conclusion. But the difference is in the Body. The Main Points of your talk would have two or ideally three points: (1) Establish criteria or ideal standards to define your proposal. (2) Measure your proposal against those standards. And if you want to persuade that your choice is better than other options, then (3) compare how your proposal measures up to other options.

To see how this organization would work when you want to persuade your audience to your point of VIEW, let’s use the example of persuading them that swimming is the best form of exercise. Let’s say the group wants to get into an exercise program – they’ve already decided they’re going to DO some kind of exercise. You want to persuade them that swimming is the best choice, better than running or biking or yoga. Here’s how you might outline that presentation:


A. HOOK: Get their attention and interest. You might share a funny personal anecdote about swimming, how much you hated lessons when you were a kid and how you almost drowned the instructor one time when you jumped blindly off the diving board because you were so scared.And today, you’re like a fish in the water.

B. REASON TO LISTEN: “It’s been clearly established that exercise is crucial for our fitness and weight loss. We all know we will look better, feel better and be healthier if we exercise regularly. Yet it hasn’t been established exactly what the best form of exercise is… But I believe I know the answer… “


A. ROAD MAP: I’d like to show you all the fantastic benefits of swimming, so you can see it’s the best choice for your exercise plan.


1. The criteria or “ideal” standards for your proposal:

Present to the audience (or even get them to contribute) the characteristics of the ideal exercise program. For example, you might suggest its characteristics might be a good cardiovascular workout, help you lose weight, be easy on your joints, strengthen and tone all your major muscle groups, and build strong bones.

2. Measure your proposal against those standards.

Show how swimming fulfills those criteria: it’s a great aerobic workout, especially if you can swim for at least 30 minutes; it’s easy on your joints because of the cushioning effect of the water; because it calls for use of your arms and legs and back, it works all the muscle groups, and it’s overall conditioning and aerobic effect helps keep your weight down. Build strong bones? Well, not really, so we can’t claim that one.

3. Compare how your proposal measures up to other options, in this case running, biking and yoga. (Plot this visually, if you can. On a chart, list of all the criteria on the left, and then have columns for each form of exercise:

Aerobic Swimming Running Biking Yoga

Lose Weight

Easy on Joints

All Muscle Groups

Strong Bones

For each exercise, check the criteria that apply to it. You would want to have more checkmarks in the column for your proposal, of course!)

“You can see that swimming meets more of the criteria for good exercise than these other forms. It is a healthy and fun way to stay fit!”


A. SUMMARY: Wrap up with reviewing the criteria and how your proposal measures up to them and compares favorably with others.

B. CLOSE/CALL TO ACTION: “So you can see that swimming is better all-round exercise than these other forms. If you want a good workout that’s good for your heart, lungs, muscles, joints and weight management, I urge you to buy your swim suit and goggles and get in the swim!”

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Women’s Jeans Problems: Hidden Dangers of Jeans for Women?

Jeans are the perfect clothing choice for trendy girls and women around the world. It is the oldest fashion trend for women who like versatile and comfortable wear to keep safe from cold in the winter and also look nice. Jeans can be an annoyance too despite all the joy it brings to women; it feels awkward when you bend and suddenly your crack is exposed to the world.

Let us help you avoiding the issues with jeans that annoy many women every once in a while.

Jeans Higher Than Ankle Crease

When your lovely jeans are higher than your ankle, your ankles might look sloppy. Not noticing the jeans length in the store might make you purchase jeans that are shorter than your legs. Hence, you need to hem them by going to the tailor again to fix the height. Therefore the biggest challenge is to pick out trendy jeans that suit your height and fits your legs in length.

Jeans That Prevents You to Stretch

If you want to save yourself from public humiliation, then avoid wearing jeans that are too tight and stretchable. Go to the fitting room and do a lot of stretching, give jeans a good test try before paying the merchant. Check the fabric by doing some stretch sitting and squatting. Low yourself to the ground level and check if squatting position is usually good for you wearing the jeans. If not, recheck your jeans size.

Avoid Nightmare during Sports and Yoga

Especially for sports loving girls and wicket keepers, squatting positions are common. It is recommended to wear a stretchable item that helps you bend easily. Yoga also requires squatting with your heels flat on the floor. Dancing also requires stretching, wearing tight jeans may annoy you during execution.

Don’t Be a Fashion Victim

Have you heard the story of a 35-year-old woman whose legs were swollen and she could not walk anymore due to weak limbs? This nightmare happened as a result of her passion for jeans fashion; doctors cut off her jeans and removed them from her legs to cure her of compartment syndrome. This fashion victim of skinny jeans had to go through a lot of pain and discomfort. So be aware of the medical hazards of skinny jeans for the sake of fashion before you will be treated like her at the University of Adelaide, in Australia.

This Can Happen to Any Woman

Wearing tight jeans can also cause some lower leg nerve injury in women. The tender legs can only bear enough pressure of clothing, the researchers say that wearing loses trousers is a better option than fashionable tight jeans. Numbness in thy has also been very common which can lead to compressed nerves in the groin.

Wash Your Jeans Inside Out

It seems that when your jeans are washed, its colour fades out a bit. The perfect blue colour is a romance for women and men, with hand wash, the lovely jeans do not remain as dark as it is. Therefore, dry it before it comes out of hand wash.

Best Denim Jeans Price

The best Denim Jeans price can be found at a prime comparison e-commerce platform. The price comparison sites provide incredibly lovely options to buy the best jeans possible on the planet by giving a wide range of options.

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Can Stress and Anxiety Cause Hemorrhoids?

Stress and anxiety can be a root cause of hemorrhoids developing. Natural home remedy cures, over the counter products, and surgery are effective ways to treat, cure, and remove a hemorrhoid. To prevent piles from returning it is important to understand how to stop stress and anxiety from causing inflammation in the anal region. Internal and external hemorrhoids are often caused by high stress levels and anxiety.

It is frustrating after having treatment done to have hemorrhoids return giving the sufferer discomfort, itching, pain, and in some cases bleeding. There is a way to avoid this by taking steps to reduce stress and anxiety.

Stress and anxiety are not the only contributing causes to hemorrhoid symptoms. However, they are near the top of the list of leading causes. When the body is under stress and anxiety tension it constricts making bowel movements very difficult. This causes blood vessels in the anus to become inflamed until a painful pile develops.

Hemorrhoid medication and treatments are great for instant relief from anal itching, pain, and bleeding. It is still very important to manage stress and anxiety to prevent piles from returning. After medication, natural treatments, or surgery it is time to take action to reduce stress and anxiety. Here are a few proven methods that will help remove tension from your body.

Meditation is a wonderful solution to gently reduce stress and help control anxiety that can lead to painful hemorrhoids. There are many methods available from guided imagery audios to calming music. It can be done in your home or office in as little as 15 minutes. Controlled breathing is a very relaxing part of meditation.

Yoga has many amazing benefits for the body and is very low impact. Stretching in yoga is a proven way to help natural body functions, like bowel movements, flow much better. Straining when having bowel movements often leads to internal and external hemorrhoids returning. Yoga is fantastic for improved blood circulation and stress reduction.

Living hemorrhoid free does not have to be only dream. It can become a reality by taking steps to reduce stress and anxiety in your life. After your piles are treated and healed, reducing tension will prevent them from returning. Explore meditation and yoga techniques to prevent hemorrhoids.

Ignoring a hemorrhoid will not cure it. You have to be proactive when it comes to finding relief and eliminating them. The only way to regain your life is by reducing stress and anxiety that can cause piles to reappear, even after having extensive treatment done. When you are able to get to the root cause, you can prevent future piles from developing.

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3 Simple Tips to Strengthening Your Lesbian Relationship Bond

Strengthening a bond in a relationship happens as time goes on, but there are always ways to boost that bond in a faster amount of time. The little things you do together with your partner can deepen your love, trust, and overall relationship. Three little things can greatly change the outlook of your relationship and make both individuals happy.

The biggest thing lesbian couples can do to strengthen their bond is participate in different classes together. Yoga and other meditation type classes can increase the mental bond between lovers. Unlike male/female relationships, women are more than likely going to be interested in taking different classes together to further strengthen their love for each other. Even though you will not communicate during say, a yoga class, you are still working towards something together that can be quite powerful. Meditation allows you to clear your mind and yoga emphasizes that for both women.

Lesbian couples can also try new things together. Going to a new city or eating a new restaurant is excellent for all stages of a relationship. Simply trying something different can open your mind and relieve the stress and pressure of daily life. There are plenty of vacation hot spots to try, and even spas that cater specifically to lesbians. There is never a shortage of adventures that lesbian couples can participate in together. The options are endless, and there are more than enough places that cater to gay couples.

Last, having deep conversations alone can do things for your relationship that you never thought possible. Having alone time to talk about life and your goals can drastically improve the quality of your relationship and help you bond even closer together. Many couples rarely have alone time together to discuss their feelings and everything else in life. This causes frustration and isolation, which can lead to ending of a relationship. Instead, you and your partner can take a few days out of the week to communicate on a deeper than normal level. Conversation is such a huge part of a relationship, and it is crucial to be sure to include deep and sensual conversations in your life.

Strengthening a relationship isn’t the hardest thing to do. It just requires patience and an open mind to explore your needs and desires. When you can communicate that to your wife or girlfriend, both people can be happy and connected in the loving relationship. Bonds can be formed so easily between lovers, but they can be broken easily as well. Be sure to always think of your lovers needs before acting on your own desires and your relationship will soar to new heights.

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The 18 Chakras of Healing

According to Hindu religion, a chakra is a point of energy in the body. It is that point at which the body’s energy is highly potent and can be harnessed through appropriate methods.

The term ‘chakra’ is a Sanskrit word which means wheel. It is often said that these chakras are actually spinning wheels of energy, located in the subtle body and not the physical body. The sources or chakras are connected through a channel known as the ‘Nadi’. It is believed that the vital force of life, known in Sanskrit as ‘Prana’, travels through these Nadis.

A study of ancient scriptures, confirms the existence of 7 known chakras in the human body. There are another 11 chakras apart from the 7 vital chakras, taking the number to 18. These 18 chakras, when correctly harnessed, are said to have the ability to heal any ailment the human body faces.

Let us look at some basic facts about these chakras:

• There are 7 major chakras and 11 minor chakras.

• These chakras are all aligned vertically along the central channel.

• Together with the Nadi (channel) and Vayu (wind), they are the energy powerhouses.

• They are all circular shaped and said to possess spokes or petals.

• They are all related to or associated with a different deity and govern a different body function.

• The chakras are also called, magnetic points in Western school of study and are taken to perform the same functions mentioned in the Eastern school of study.

• Chakras are not a concept of baseless belief. There has been extensive study and there is sufficient proof to support the existence of such ‘magnetic points’ throughout the human body.

• Practitioners of Yoga, like the renowned Yoga Guru, B.K.S Iyengar, were often called upon, to discuss the medical importance of these chakras. With the help of people like Guru Iyengar, the importance of these chakras was studied in detail.

Let us now move to the main subject of this article, which are the 18 Chakras of Life and their Healing power.

Given below is a list of the 18 chakras in order of their position in the human body, their respective functions and how they support healing.

1. Sahasrara (Sanskrit for ‘thousand-petaled)

Position – Crown of the head or above the crown of the head.

Colour – White

Deity – Dhruva

The Sahasrara Chakra is often called the chakra of fundamental life. It is said that it is the highest source of energy that begins to flow from the top of the head. It functions similar to the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland secretes hormones to communicate to all other endocrine systems and also controls the central nervous system. Similarly the energy of the Sahasrara chakra passes from the top of the head, all through the central nervous system and reaches through the brain to the next chakra, via a nadi.

It helps with bringing life into alignment.

2. Ajna (Sanskrit for Command)

Position – Between the eyebrows. Placed like a third eye (like Lord Shiva has)

Colour – Blue

Deity – Ardhanarishwara (Sanskrit: God – half male, half female. Shiva/Shakti)

The Ajna Chakra, is placed like the third eye, in between the eyebrows. Traditionally this is part of Hindu mythology, where Lord Shiva, the destroyer of evil, was said to open his third eye, when in extreme rage. When the Lord opened his third eye, everything that fell in its path was burnt to ashes.

Fun fact, the whole third-eye burning things to ashes, is often said to be the reason why Lord Shiva was depicted as an ascetic. He meditated for long time periods, in order to control his rage. So he was a calm in general. But when he did get upset, well, ashes to ashes, dust to dust!

Anyway, the Ajna chakra deals with bringing clarity on a higher intuitive level. It is the very centre of focus. In fact, while practising Pranayama (breathing control) in Yoga, people are always asked to focus on the Ajna chakra and hold that as their centre of concentration. This helps increase attention span and gives excellent concentration skills.

3. Vishuddha (Sanskrit for ‘especially pure’)

Position – Throat (parallel to Thyroid)

Colour – Pale blue or Turquoise

Deity – Dyaus

The Vishuddha chakra is associated with communication and growth. It deals with expression, be it spoken, written or otherwise. Its placement near the Thyroid gland, which is responsible for growth and maturation, further explains its importance in that sphere.

This chakra also helps with voice control and voice modulation. That is why when performing Yoga, the chanting of the holy ‘OM’ is done in a way that it reverberates in the throat. It stimulates the chakra and energy levels increase.

4. Anahata (Sanskrit for ‘unstruck’)

Position – centre of the chest

Colour – green or pink

Deity – Ishana Rudra Shiva

The Anahata chakra is related to the thymus, an element located in the chest that is part of both the immune and endocrine system and is the maturation site of T-cells.

T-cells are the cells that help the body fight of diseases. Thus aptly called Anahata or Unstruck. It is also called the heart chakra, due to its proximity to the organ. It deals with circulation of energy that’s associated with complex emotions, empathy, compassion, etc.

5. Manipura (Sanskrit for Jewel City)

Position – Navel or near pancreas

Colour – Yellow

Deity – Agni

The Manipura is one of the essential chakras as it deals with the pancreatic functions and the adrenaline glands. It is associated with the basic digestive process, which is in fact the most important, since digestion converts food matter into energy.

The chakra deals with this kind of energy. It also deals with, on an emotional level, with the spirit of expression. Probably why they say ‘No guts, No glory!’

6. Svadhisthana (Sanskrit for one’s own base)

Position – Sacrum

Colour – White

Deity – Bramha

This chakra is primarily functional in the testes or ovaries. It governs the energy flow through the sexual organs, thereby empowering the organs to be reproductively strong.

If you may have noticed, the Deity associated to this Chakra is Bramha.

According to Hinduism, Lord Bramha, was the Creator or progenitor of life. Thus it seems almost appropriate that this organ is associated to none other than the proposed giver of life!

The key issues that the Svadhisthana chakra deals with are reproduction, relationships and also addictions. It is supposed to be the human ‘urges’ that this chakra governs and controls.

7. Muladhara (Sanskrit for Root Support)

Position – Base of Spine

Colour – Red

Deity – Ganesh

It is related to the basic human potentiality, security and survival. As we all know, any damage to the spinal cord can cause permanent damage to the central nervous system or even result in death.

Thus it is appropriate to call this chakra the Muladhara or Root Support.

The importance of this chakra is that it basically governs stability- Emotional, Physical, Mental and all other kinds of stability.

That’s where you get the phrase “Need to have a spine!”

It is often called the last point of the nadi, where the energy source ends and the cycle is repeated.

Now that we have covered the 7 major chakras, let’s have a look at the 11 minor chakras. Please note that these major chakras are the foundational ones. The remaining 11 chakras act as a support system to these.

8. Hridhaya

Located 2 finger spaces to the left from the Anahata Chakra and then 2 fingers down, the Hridhaya chakra is basically the chakra from where the heartbeat is said to resonate.

It assists the Anahata chakra and helps control the functioning of the heart through proper energy flow.

9. Secret Chakras (Golata, Lalata, Lalana)

The 9th, 10th and 11th chakras, namely the Golata, Lalata and Lalana Chakras, are located at the back of the throat, in alignment with the Vishuddha chakra. They control the palette and also the flow of energy through nadi from the chakra, through the throat.

12. Atala – located in the lower hip, governs fear and lust

13. Vitala – located in the thigh, governs anger and resentment

14. Sutala – located in knees, governs jealousy

15. Talatala – located in calves, governs prolonged wilfulness

16. Rasatala – located in the ankles, centre of selfishness and animalistic instinct

17. Mahatala – located in the feet, considered the realm without consciousness

18. Patala – located in the soles of the feet, realm of malice, torture, murder, etc.

The chakras from 12th to 18th are part of the Muladhara Chakra section. They fall below the muladhara chakra and are thus held to be as the least or minor chakras.

These 18 chakras, together form the 18 chakras of Healing.The power of these 18 chakras, can be harnessed through the practise of Yoga,Pranayam, Kundalini, etc. Once in alignment, these chakras have the power to heal from within, any ailment one may suffer. They are the powerhouse of energy in the human body at the spiritual level.

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Exercise Routines – Ten Different Styles

Exercise Routines- Deciding on an exercise routine for a fitness program can be a difficult task. Your fitness goals and experience play a part in what you choose to do. The good news is that there are a lot of choices that can make exercising fun as a lifestyle activity. The following styles of exercise can help you decide what you might want to try as part of your workout schedule:

Ten Different Styles of Exercise Routines:

1. Pilates – This is a style of exercise that is similar to yoga. It is a series of non-impact exercises designed by Joseph Pilates to develop strength, flexibility, balance, and inner awareness.

2. Yoga – Yoga exercise can be both spiritual and physical in nature. In the U.S. it is mostly practiced as a physical form of exercise which promotes flexibility, balance, and strength. It can also help to reduce stress because of the calming, non-impact movements.

3. Jazzercise – Many people are looking for ways to stick to an exercise routine. Jazzercise is a fun way to help you stay motivated. You can easily use video sets to workout at home. Or you can find a class to attend if you want a more social experience.

4. Aerobics –Low intensity exercise is a good choice for a program. The low-impact repetitive nature of aerobics works the large muscle groups. Videos and classes are also available.

5. Weight Lifting/strength training – It is important to use resistance training in your routine. Weight lifting is one form that takes some equipment. You can easily combine this style with other more general exercises.

6. Martial Arts – There are various forms and styles that are practiced as a sport. Some of these are: aikido, karate, judo, and tae kwon do. This type of training is usually thought of as self-defense or sport. But it is also a great way to get fit and develop self-defense techniques and fitness at the same time.

7. Cardio – An activity that elevates the resting heart rate would include fairly intense aerobic activity.

8. Running or Sprinting – Running at various paces to increase heart rate and improve health.

9. Water Aerobics – An activity that is good for minimal impact on joints. Body toning and flexibility can be developed.

10. Walking Fit – Walking on a variety of inclines either outdoors or indoors, is still one of the easiest and best ways to get fit and remain fit. It can be adapted to anyone’s lifestyle and abilities. Walking can even be made progressive by including hand or ankle weights along with arm movements.

Adding variety to your fitness routine can be a fairly easy thing to do. Just choose one or two types to start with. Rotate your schedule from time to time. Why not try something new? You may find two or more of these activities will fit your lifestyle very well. It’s always a good idea to change your routine on a regular basis. Try one or more of these exercise routines.

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How to Identify Unsafe Abdominal Exercises After a Hysterectomy

After a hysterectomy surgery it is essential to understand how to identify inappropriate abdominal or core strength exercises. Many women unknowingly perform abdominal exercises with the potential for serious pelvic injury when returning to their gym workouts and fitness classes after hysterectomy surgery. Unfortunately many well-intentioned fitness instructors are also unaware of this issue leaving women uninformed, vulnerable and confused about appropriate exercise after pelvic surgery. These physical therapist guidelines are designed to help you identify unsafe abdominal exercises after a hysterectomy.

Exercises involving upper abdominal (or “six pack”) muscles pose the most risk to your pelvic floor. Ultrasound studies show that basic abdominal curl exercises force the pelvic floor downwards in women with poorly functioning pelvic floor muscles. The more intense the abdominal or core exercise, the greater the pressure on the pelvic floor and the greater the risk of pelvic floor overload and reduced pelvic support.

Decreased pelvic support can cause an array of serious pelvic floor problems including; vaginal prolapse, incontinence, pelvic pain and anorectal disorders. Hysterectomy surgery involves the upper vagina being stitched up inside a woman’s pelvis in order to support the vagina and prevent vaginal prolapse (i.e. vagina descending down and sometimes out of the woman’s body). Research suggests the risk of vaginal prolapse is increased after hysterectomy surgery.

This means that it is imperative that you understand how to avoid overloading your pelvic floor after a hysterectomy with inappropriate abdominal exercises.The following abdominal exercises all have the potential to overload the floor of the pelvis and should therefore be avoided after hysterectomy surgery;

  1. Abdominal curl exercises involve lifting the head and shoulders from a lying position and are also known as sit up exercises. Variations include; incline sit ups, oblique sit ups (elbow to opposite shoulder) and fit ball sit ups.
  2. Double leg raises involve lifting both legs off the ground simultaneously. Variations include; bicycle legs, double leg raises, Pilates “Table Top” exercise and fit ball between-legs raises.
  3. Intense core abdominal exercises such as “Plank” or “Hover” which are performed routinely in gym workouts, yoga and Pilates classes. Never assume that just because an exercise is a “Pilates” exercise, that it is safe for and will help strengthen your pelvic support. Some Pilates exercises can place intense pressure on the pelvic floor.
  4. Abdominal strength machines that exercise the upper abdominal and/or external oblique muscles against resistance. These machines increase the pressure within your abdomen that is transferred directly to your pelvis. In fact these exercises will actually make your abdominal muscles even more effective at increasing the downward pressure on the floor of your pelvis.

How to identify unsafe abdominal exercises after hysterectomy surgery?

  • Exercises that involve lying and raising the head and shoulders, and/or both legs simultaneously off the ground all increase downward pressure onto the floor of the pelvis. These exercises all have the potential to cause pelvic floor injury, after pelvic surgery and when the pelvic floor muscles are not functioning well.
  • Exercises performed in prone (lying facing the floor) and weight bearing through the hands/forearms and feet (with the body elevated off the ground are intense core abdominal exercises. These can be modified by kneeling rather than weightbearing though the feet. Sometimes these are performed forward over a fit ball. Once again never assume that using a fit ball makes the exercise safe for your pelvic floor.
  • Abdominal exercise machines that exercise the abdominal muscles in upright or in lying have potential to overload the floor of the pelvis. These types of machines are usually used aiming to “flatten the belly”. It is not possible to spot reduce fat from the abdomen with abdominal exercises however this myth still continues to pervade western society. To flatten your abdomen you need to lose fat from all over your body, it is not possible to lose it through exercise from one spot only.

It is desirable for women to return to exercise after hysterectomy surgery and ensure their long-term pelvic health by exercising appropriately. It takes three months for most women to fully heal from hysterectomy surgery. During this recovery time the pelvic floor is at greatest risk of injury. Women should only return to the types of abdominal exercises listed above with their medical specialist’s approval and when their pelvic floor muscles are strong and capable of withstanding the large downward forces associated with these particular exercises. For some women with poorly functioning pelvic muscles this may mean avoiding intense core abdominal exercises altogether and opting instead for more appropriate gentle core abdominal exercises more suitable for their pelvic health and longevity.

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Should You Keep Your Underwear On For Your Massage? Let’s Discuss General Manners And Spa Etiquette

Attire: What does one wear for a massage, et al appointment at the spa? Personally, I think one should wear what’s comfortable. This might also depend on your plans before and after your massage. Some people bring an extra change of clothes and change. However, for your sessions themselves, attire is a whole other thing. Massages like Shiatsu and Thai require comfortable, yoga-like clothing. No jeans! Your therapist will need to stretch you and you will be contorted into several different positions throughout so yoga-like clothing, shorts or tights are best, although we are trained to professionally drape you.

For regular massages on the table (Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai-Swedish and/or Shiatsu-Swedish, etc.), no clothes are needed underneath your sheet and/or blanket. This depends, however, on the level of comfort you have with your own body and the therapist working for you. Expect to be handled, while naked, but draped professionally and handled with dignity. Underpants are fine, but may become troublesome if your complaints are for lower back pains, in which case, these could prevent your therapist from accomplishing the task of giving you relief effectively; not to mention that you run the risk of our getting oils all over them and hence potentially ruining them. The sacrum, gluteus, coccyx, periformis, etc., are all involved in lower back/circulation problems and manipulation of these is sometimes necessary to relieve back and/or leg pain. If you wear boxers or panties to your knees (not thongs) during your massage, then we might not be able to effectively get to your complaint spots or target the “solution” spots. We are trained to drape you professionally and will protect your dignity, so get naked, supine or prone under the covering as directed, and let us get to work on those tight muscles.

Once we have brought you in to the massage room, please put your clothes where your therapist invites you to. We walk around the table to work on you and don’t want to trip over your clothes on the floor or have to waste time moving them. Don’t waste time folding them. Hang them up or lay them on the chair, etc. provided. We are not concerned about your attire, except if it becomes a hazard.

Conversation:-Your therapist should do a quick consult with you. I usually do this at the beginning of the session as we get behind closed doors (never proper to do this in the “earshot” of others). This way, I get to focus on you and not talk during the massage. Feel free to ask any questions you have during this time, however, this is not to say I won’t answer you if you have questions during the session. The point is that if I talk with you throughout, then I am not focused on the concern you came in with, and you can’t really relax if your mind is loaded with “interference.”

Have any conversation at the beginning or end of your session, keeping in mind that time between you and the next client is limited. Honestly, I know you didn’t come in to talk, so the only “conversation” I should hear from my client while they are on the table is “less pressure please”…LOL…or the occasional complimentary, “Oh that feels so good,” etc. Your snores and catching your drool are great commentaries as regards how the therapy is going. LOL Any other “conversation” could get your therapist in trouble in more ways than one. Just let us focus on you and your health concerns…and no, I am not paying attention to your weight as that’s not why you are here. Everyone needs loving, therapeutic massages.

In my private In/Out sessions, I have lumped deep tissue and Swedish massage together at the same price because I don’t “jip” my clients. You will know I’m there working with and for you. If you are a “Chatty Cathy”, you waste time getting relaxed and you distract your therapist who wants to commit entirely to relieving your tension, hence defeating the purpose for which you came in (or for which I came to you). If you needed a psychologist, you would have gone there and talked the whole time and they get paid to listen to you. We are not psychologists…although we love you and want to know you are doing awesome on your paths! The other problem with talking extensively during the massage is that the therapist often engages you out of respect and time flies. Then, he or she will feel the need to “rush” to finish the task at hand. While rushing and being distracted from their and your purpose, they might miss some spots, forget an arm or leg, and might leave you feeling incomplete; in which case, you will protest and/or report it and probably withhold your tips. However, it’s not all the therapists’ fault, as they now have all “your stories” and all your business swimming in their heads and that’s why you were unfinished. Please allow us to do that which you have contracted and will eventually pay us to do, which is to give you a therapeutic massage! We’ll do a better job, if you leave “Chatty Cathy” in the car. LOL

Affection:-I have often heard “I love you”, received or have given hugs, etc. outside the door when my client is leaving. That is awesome. I’m a loving Being and you will know it when I welcome you in, or when I arrive for your session at your venue. This is even more apparent when I massage you. Keep in mind that this kind of love is the Christian or Universal Agape love, NOT the “I want to sleep with you,” Eros, love. I understand this to be what you mean when you say it to me and my response is with the hope that you understand too. Touch is one of the most intimate ways of expressing love and you shouldn’t take the massage if you feel/sense that your therapist isn’t going to leave you feeling loved and nurtured in a “godly” way.

That is to say it is unethical to mix business with pleasure, especially in the massage business. I don’t ever want to sleep with any of my clients and I hope they can contain their excitement and not ask me out as long as they are my clients. On this note, I have had clients reach for my hand, leg, thigh, and/or gyrate on the table while I’m working on them. Usually, I ignore the gyration, but will simply move out of reach in the other instances. I ignore this, but it does register that you are um…not classy, and not taking the love from my hands in a professional manner and I probably won’t have you as a client again, if grabbing me is “your habit”. An impulsive “mistake” is fine, but most businesses will ask you to leave and make you pay for the services you started to receive, if the therapist was offended and discontinued working. In another blog post, I compared your massage session to receiving a lap dance wherein you can’t touch the dancer. We are not “dancing” on your lap, but you “get my drift.” Feel free to express yourself. Moan if that is what comes, make faces when I’m not looking, cry, laugh; whatever emotional release or expression is triggered, feel free, just don’t grab for me or any of your sexual parts that are obvious to me. Most of all BREATHE through the experience. Don’t be so afraid of receiving affection that you hold your breath the whole time, and don’t be so “scandalous” that you begin attempting to “share” with your therapist. It’s not that kind o’ show when you are in session with me, so let’s keep things dignified.

Your therapist knows that you are in a vulnerable position, naked with only a sheet separating you from a virtual stranger who is touching you. However, you came in for massage therapy, and that is what is required to accomplish this purpose, so relax. We are professionals here. Tell us if/when we do anything that makes you feel “uncomfortable”… including arousal, in the case of those who feel that the therapist deliberately touched something they shouldn’t have. Many times, your therapist’s hand may slip. After all, we are working with oils on your body. Accidents are possible when things are slippery. Also keep in mind your own frame of mind, personal issues, which your therapist doesn’t know about, and especially your parasympathetic brain and the involuntary responses.

We can and will fix a problem in the room, right away, and if it’s a “slippage”, even if neither of you acknowledge it verbally at the time, the therapist may have made a mental note to be careful and/or apologize. Sometimes you will know this by being alert to how they maneuver, say, around the other boob. LOL…Come on. If they accidentally touched a boob, you will be alert to whether it happens twice and on both, is all I’m sayin’. Don’t wait until after you leave the room to complain at checkout, or call in a day or week later and complain to management while requesting a “replacement service”. Tell us, the therapist, first and give us the opportunity to fix it right there and then and make you happy. We can’t fix it when you are gone from the room. If we don’t fix it on the scene when you mentioned it, then tell checkout, call the manager when you leave and go blog all about your treatment in the press. It is only fair to give the business an opportunity to address your concern, however, before you get pissed off and go do any of this, or black list us and not come back.

I am very concerned whether you are o.k. and feeling relaxed, so I need you to breathe, keep your hands to yourself, moan if you have to, i.e. the natural/involuntary response; but don’t start rubbing your special parts or any other attempt to relieve yourself, as that is “voluntary expression,” which is quite rude, unloving, and puts your therapist in a very uncomfortable position.

Tipping:-Rate your therapists’ delivery and professionalism just as you would a waiter, et al service people. Your gratuity percentage should be based on their performance as your tips go directly to the individual. In general, gratuity ranges from 10% to 25% on the original cost of services and based on how pleased you are with your therapist’s work. Sometimes clients are able to do more and sometimes they can only do less. Tipping manners and rules don’t mean that if you are broke, I won’t do the job. Your referrals could be your tips when you are broke and I am always grateful for more business, especially when referred. Your therapist has spent the last hour or more working hard on your muscles and aiding your overall health. We are usually under-paid for such hard work, especially when you have demanded deep tissue or some other physically challenging therapy. We don’t get paid to do the “heavy-duty” stuff, so your gratuities help to offset our income and attitude, especially if we delivered more than is required by the company.

In my practice, I usually don’t charge clients for using credit cards; however, it costs me at least $5.00 to process these. Your gratuities help to offset this, so if you don’t tip and I didn’t tell you about the extra charge for processing your credit card, then I have just had a $5.00 loss on your service before taxes. What is the value you have placed on your health and have this been magnified in the way I have handled you.

Couples Massages:-If you have a couples’ massage at the spa, this means more cleanup for the therapists. Please get dressed immediately afterwards and remember that your time is up and we need to get ready for the next clients coming in on the hour. Do your hugging and kissing or whatever else elsewhere, and fix your hair, etc., in the bathroom…hopefully, not together. Please, hold off on your “finishing” until you get home or some other place. The bathrooms are usually shared between clients and workers and we may need to go, before we have to get back to that 90-minute massage. I don’t know how many times I have waited and waited well into the time for my next client while a couple is still in the room after we have dismissed them. We usually only have 5-15 minutes between you and the next client and there is a lot to do in that time to be ready to give them the same professionalism we gave you. Don’t think we don’t wonder what you’re doing in there while we are waiting outside with your water/tea. It’s not curiosity, it is irritation or anxiety, since we won’t have enough time to clean up, use bathroom and go get the other client waiting in the lobby. If we attempt the bathroom run while you are still “sprucing,” you might be finished before we return, hence miss the important farewell and courtesy water/tea along with follow-up suggestions. So we wait, dancing in the hallway with a smile. Please be considerate of others, even at the spa.

Jewelry and makeup:-Please do not wear your jewelry to the spa, especially the expensive ones! Leave them in your safe at home or if you wear them, please remove them and put them safely in your purse, etc. I usually have a little bowl where your stuff should go, but it’s not my responsibility to look out for your diamonds! Also, since we have to work with oil, etc., and manipulate your limbs, etc., we get cut, or cut you or break your necklace, etc. or it’s just hard to work on that jeweled body part. Please save us and you the pain and remember to remove these. Also, we can’t help you put these back on after the service either. We have to maintain very short nails as we are in the massage business, hence we don’t have the nails to grasp your clasp and risk ripping our flesh, et al injuries, which jeopardize our health and work. Remember, also, that you will need to lie face down for your massage, hence limited to no makeup is best. If you are having a facial, save the Esthetician some work and time by not wearing makeup, which she will need to remove before doing what she does. This robs you both of valuable time.

Your nails:-Please cut your toe nails before your massages! Therapists run the risk of snagging, cutting, or scraping themselves on your nails! We shouldn’t massage you or anyone else while having open wounds; hence your toenails could become “weapons of mass destruction;” LOL… yes, destruction of the rest of our work day. Even if it’s just a hang nail or a snagged nail, we may forget to clean it up before the next client, then scratch them up with these and that’s never a good thing.

Hygiene:-Please take a shower prior to your massage and wash your feet especially. Remember that you are going to be in a vulnerable position, naked or almost naked, in a room with a virtual stranger. The more comfortable you are in your own body, the easier it will be for you to relax and a shower only helps things. Don’t go to the beach and get sand all over you and then decide to get a massage. We need to make special arrangements for body scrubs and you pay a different price. Oil and sand/dirt don’t feel good for the therapist or the client, so even if you are not “filthy,” please clean up before your service. I sometimes “ceremonially” wrap your feet with warm towels before and/or after service. This is what it is, a little energy movement; and/or I am lovingly bringing you to face the end/beginning of your session. It is not necessarily a washing of your feet.

Lastly, please pay your tab when you arrive, if you must leave quickly at the end, or immediately upon completing your sessions. It is not fair to have me or the staff at any establishment, chase you or invoice you for services you received. There are books to maintain and taxes to pay. We delivered your service at the time of request, so it is only fair that you pay before you leave. If you didn’t bring enough cash, please put the balance on a credit card, but no “I get you next time”. We can’t tell our landlord this or pay short when the rent is due. Please be conscientious and not take these “disrespectful liberties” with your therapist, whether at the spa or as a private client. Equally offensive is the IOU on the gratuities, etc. Just “man up” and pay for the hard work provided you and don’t expect to get anything for free. Some have even ignored the invoices, vowing to pay next time they come back, but haven’t yet scheduled an appointment. This is a very uncomfortable position to put your therapist and/or the business in, and it doesn’t bode well for you the client who will want optimum service every time.

Acknowledge when your therapist does a little extra for you and go beyond what is normal at the spa and/or in your private massage session. The best voice you can give this is through your gratuity. How you treat, pay and tip your therapists is relative to the exchange of energies and what you put into the universe. It also might determine whether you get that awesome therapist again on your next visit or not. I did not hold back from blessing you, so bless me in exchange and continue the circle of loving and respectful giving.

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P90x Sucks – This Group Had Bad P90x Results

The first time I did P90x, a group of people wanted to do it with me. I’ll tell you right now that not everyone had success with it. Some had success and got a whole lot healthier, stronger, fitter and also lost several pounds. However, the rest benefited little and had no results to show when the program was over. At the end of it there seemed to be a split. One side thought the program was awesome, while the other side was saying, “P90x sucks!”.

What was the defining differences between the group that failed and the two that had success? There were several. The first difference was that the group that had no success complained, a lot. They complained about eating healthy, they fussed about the workouts, they whined whenever an exercise made them uncomfortable. Let me tell you right now, P90x and exercise in general is uncomfortable! They were negative about the whole program in general. They started of excited, but as soon as things got tough (as in, just after the first workout started), it was as if they were trying to talk themselves out of doing the workouts and sabotage transforming their body and changing their life for the better.

There is a reason they put the Nutrition Plan book in the program! Many people ask, “Do I have to follow the P90x Nutrition Plan?” My response is yes! If you are serious about getting results, then you need to eat healthier! The group that failed didn’t follow the Nutrition Plan. They rationalized that the bacon, cookies, sugar loaded cereal, white bread, ice cream, and the rest of the junk they so often ate didn’t need to be removed. These people honestly thought that because they ate “home cooked food”, they were eating healthy. Granted, any outsider would soon realize after seeing their “home cooked” bacon, chicken, and mayonnaise sandwiches, that these people were out of their minds thinking that what they were eating was “healthy home cooking”!

Fail to do the workouts, and you’ll fail to see change! The group that failed didn’t do Yoga X. They never made it through a single Yoga X workout. That particular workout is an hour and a half long, and they opted to not do it because it was “too hard and too long”. They also opted to not follow any set time to do the workouts. They would put off doing the workouts until late at night, when they would then say aloud, “I’m too tired to do a workout.” They missed many workouts, and on average would only do about 2-3 workouts a week, which pretty much meant they did less than half of the program.

If you want to fail, do what the above group did, because none of them got anything out of it. They complained, were negative, and were constantly trying to sabotage their own attempt to transform their body and their life. They continued to eat unhealthy, and they only did less than half of the workouts in the program. At the end of it they thought P90x sucked, when in reality, their failure was 100% their own fault.