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A Brief Introduction To The Science Of Yoga

Yoga is basically a science of correct living. When it is incorporated into daily life, it works on every aspect of the individual. The physical, mental, spiritual, psychic and emotional levels are all affected and strengthened through practice of Yoga. The word ‘yoga’ means oneness or unity and comes from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’ which means has the meaning of joining together.

Yoga is not magic or sorcery, neither is it mental or physical debauchery. Those practicing yoga believe that the human mind is guilty of five wrong beliefs which must be corrected before the person can live at peace. The five defects are

wrong ideas of the external world

wrong ideas of oneself

attachment and longing for things of the senses or for objects

like and dislike of objects or persons

love of life

By practicing introspection and constant meditation, the mind can be rid of its flaws.

It’s important to note that yoga is a science, not imagination. Yoga is a science that is demonstrable. It has a unified system of laws to follow which will accomplish a desired result.

Yoga is also a practice. Using techniques of meditation and focusing of the mind are important in being able to rid the mind of the wrong beliefs mentioned earlier. Proper breathing, proper exercise, proper relaxation and positive thinking all play a part in retraining the belief system.

Most people in the West think of unusual and difficult to maintain positions when yoga is mentioned, but this is a small part of the total package. Nevertheless, the gentle exercises of yoga have become very popular in recent years. Used in this way, yoga is an excellent way to tone and strengthen the body, improve respiration and blood circulation and reduce stress factors in your life. Yoga exercises are gentle, yet focused on the stretching of the body to relieve tension and anxiety.

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